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Update Operating System and Other Software to fix exploits

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Update Operating System

As a new loophole or malicious attack discovered the operating system releases a new update. Before your system gets compromised accept and install the update to remain a step ahead in system security. It's not going to consume much of much of time or bandwidth. As compared to the time and resources consumes if a system gets hacked, because you left the system open to attack. If you have licensed software then for sure, these updates are available for free. One thing is evident that attackers get attracted to outdated systems which fall like easy prey for them.

Windows 10 – Update Operating System

Works on Windows-as-a-Service model where updates fed on a regular basis to keep the system up-to-date and secure

Debian – Update Operating System

The latest path mitigates Intel CPU design flaws specifically Chipzilla's processor microcode. It stops malware stealing sensitive data from memory by exploiting the L1 Terminal Fault vulnerability in Intel's silicon.

macOS Mojave – Update Operating System

chock-full of new features inspired by Pro users but designed for everyone” and “a huge leap forward – Tim Cook

Mojave the desert in southeastern California.


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