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Update Operating System

Update Operating SystemAs a new loophole or malicious attack discovered the operating system releases a new update. Before your system gets compromised accept and install the update to remain a step ahead in system security. It's not going to consume much of much of time or bandwidth. As compared to the time and resources consumes if a system gets hacked, because you left the system open to attack. If you have licensed software then for sure, these updates are available for free. One thing is evident that attackers get attracted to outdated systems which fall like easy prey for them.

Windows 10 – Update Operating System

Works on Windows-as-a-Service model where updates fed on a regular basis to keep the system up-to-date and secure

Debian – Update Operating System

The latest path mitigates Intel CPU design flaws specifically Chipzilla's processor microcode. It stops malware stealing sensitive data from memory by exploiting the L1 Terminal Fault vulnerability in Intel's silicon.

macOS Mojave – Update Operating System

chock-full of new features inspired by Pro users but designed for everyone” and “a huge leap forward – Tim Cook

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Latest News – Update Operating System

  • (September 07, 2018) A more extended grace period for Windows 10 updates for corporate clients to 30 months. The corporate IT admins complained earlier that they were drowning in patches with limited resources
  • (September 06, 2018) Zero-day in the Windows Task Scheduler’s Advanced Local Procedure Call (ALPC) interface disclosed, as the flaw in the local privilege escalation vulnerability. It allows the local unprivileged user to change the permissions of any file on the system and modify it, including system files that are executed by privileged processes.
    Within two days the PowerPool gang launched an attack. On Twitter disclosure, it got revealed that Active Spy Campaign exploits this unpatched Windows Zero-Day with active stealing
  • (August 31, 2018) ‘Windows 10 October 2018 Update' available for free download for current Windows 10 users.
  • As reported by Security Researcher Zerons in July 2019 a vulnerability tracked as CVE-2019-15846 known as ‘Return of the WIZard.' Exim Servers running version 4.92.1 and before vulnerable to allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code as root with access-granting effect via a trailing backslash. Binary Edge search lists over 5.2 million Exim servers running version 4.92.1 and earlier.
    Security bug exploited by attackers which enables them to run malicious code with root privileges. Exim a mail transfer agent (MTA) runs in the background of email servers and act as a relay to other people's email. If TLS connections configured to accept incoming, an attacker can send a malicious backslash-null sequence attached to the ending of an SNI packet and run malicious code with root privileges.
    The server owners have not accepted the solution to mitigate this vulnerability by disabling TLS support for the Exim server, which by default not enabled. It can expose email traffic in clear-text and makes it vulnerable to sniffing attacks and interception. Also, it is not recommended to EU Exim server owners, as it may expose and leak companies data, and further lead to the the subsequent GDPR fines. Thus, Exim published the patch to fix CVE-2019-15846, which is integrated by most in their updates like cPanel.