To set up a website, you need the following three things:

  1. Choose a domain name
  2. Sign up for website hosting
  3. Create your website using wordpress

Setting up the above three things shouldn’t take more then around 10 minutes, but only if you use the right tools. A domain name is also unique to you so people can see your website on the internet. A domain name is your unique address that can be used on the internet.

It is what you see after the “www.” in your browser and it’s what comes after the @ symbol in your email. For example, where is the domain name. If you already have a domain name you can use that too.

Domain Tips
Your domain is important. Coming up with the name shouldn’t be hard. It should either be a cool catchy name or a description of what the site is about.
For example, is cool and catchy and has nothing to do about social network. On the other hand explains exactly what the website is about.

  • Make it simple
  • Register a .com domain name were possible.
  • Keep it short.
  • Register is for more than 2 years

Where to Get Your Domain Name?
Before we register a domain name you need to learn about website hosting.

Website hosting is where you put your website (the files), that allows you to show your website to other people on the internet. Everyone around the world can view it once that has been done uploaded. Hosting service provides you with the web-space necessary to support your content. It serves as a skeleton for your site.

To make website accessible to the world you have to host it on a server in a warehouse somewhere so that people from different parts of the world can come and visit your site. This is the only cost you have to pay when you create a website.

It is preferred to register your website for longer duration like about 2 years the reason is because search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing rank websites higher in the search engines the longer they are registered.

If you are selling something online like a product or service then potentially you are going to make more money.

To build a website one can use WordPress. WordPress is the best platform to build your website on. It accounts for about 25% of all new websites in the world and is currently the most popular CMS (Content management system) in use on the Internet.

It allows you build a website without having to write any website code or know any website design. It is ideal for people who know nothing about website design.
Plus wordpress comes free of cost.

WordPress is web based and operates on the internet so it will work on any computer and any browser and even more modern devices like Smart phones, Iphones, Ipads.
To edit your worpdress website all you have to do is add new pages with a name and add pictures and video if you like. WordPress will automatically create the sites design with the menu bar and all the links.

Before you can create a website you have to make sure you find an appropriate domain name and a reliable web hosting service. You have to be very careful when deciding what services to choose, as this can play a big role on the overall performance of your website.