Lively debate develops on the website much like a forum. Builds dominating approach in the field of visitor’s interaction construct social and cultural reality. The idea is widely accepted and reckoned. It brings the persuasive power to a website and clamors the attention of website viewers.

Webmasters can count on returning audiences. Opinion and voices of viewers are respected as a powerful aspect. Visitors don’t want to look websites as a propagandist, one-sided, biased and un-objective communicating.

According to O’Domnel “The deliberate systematic approach attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions and direct behavior to achieve a response that furtherer the desired intent of the propagandist”. Matter of debate is “How many websites look to achieve response from their visitors?

Live Chat harnesses the power and potential of website benefits. It is standardized technique to conduct audience research. Visitors are likely to be persuaded through social means has to lead to the emergence of giant social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. Researchers started studying towards this perspective ‘How and up to which extent social media influence the visitors? It is proven fact that audiences are not just passive and uniform, so several other factors were chosen for the purpose of this study and were observed that effects differ from person to person and group to group.

According to Berelson “Some kinds of communication, on some kind of issues, brought to the attention of some kinds of people, under some kind of conditions, have some kind of effects.”

Live Chat from ChatWoo is emerging as a powerful social medium. It is medium where visitors open to a group. Web visitors are open to many broad discussions and have an inspirational effect. No categories are fixed; visitors are free to get involved in concepts and complex theories in a discussion.

Technological help requires certain skills and varies from person to person, depending on their background, knowledge, and predispositions. For such situation, ChatWoo offers Live Help/ Live Support to communicate with technical staff members of the website, instead just relying on the visitors in chat. Live chat is a traditional form of interaction, which considers audiences as massive, uniform and passive and unable to select or block messages. This allows organizations and advertisers to push their sales content. Websites having high reach are more on their target as chat forum provides economical worth of advertising, which otherwise will be more costly. Web owners are provided with the features to control such activity through their admin panel. The future versions Live Chat will provide more powers to the visitors, as they are directly exposed to messages.

“Comparing Live Chat on the proposed theory of Hierarchy of Reach by Roger Clausses, 1968”

  1. Message Offered – Active visitors offers their messages freely and frequently without any restrictions.
  2. Message Receivable – Everybody who is part of the Live Chat would be receiving the message unless he is interacting on page chat, which allows him to interact with similar page visitors only.
  3. Message Received – Messages are displayed in the public chat forum.
  4. Message Registered – Presently Live chat offers 10 buffer messages; visitors can ignore the messages if they are irrelevant to them.
  5. Message Internalized – Messages brings some kind of activity, once the audiences read the message, they started thinking about it.

ChatWoo communication researchers are working on ‘How and why visitors/audiences select certain kind of messages for consumption and why they wish to part of the audience?

Audiences want to be entertained, informed, pass the time and consciously want to be a part of discussion activity. Webmasters must focus on the needs of the needs of their audiences.

Visitors are aware which will serve their needs best, Live Chat or Live Help, they can block un-necessary input and select and amplify relevant data. Live chat puts filters to certain words, but to it, the chat process is an unconscious process. It is cognitive bias, as every member can see and process the message on a sub-conscious level subjectively. Chatwoo understands that there would be conflicting feelings, ideas or beliefs on its chat forum and believes that audiences can balance their beliefs with reality. Active chatters can prefer, negotiate or can oppose the message.