ISP generally gives you a limited amount of web hosting space on their server which is free. Dedicated hosting requires a particular server for a website and is exclusively assigned for the functioning of that website. This is the reason it is called dedicated because of it one server which is allotted to host that website. Shared hosting involves a server which hosts many websites, and this lowers the running costs of the server and is comparatively inexpensive when weighing against dedicated hosting. The ISP takes responsibility for the servers, software and other things which are needed by all the users.

So Who Really Needs Dedicated Web Hosting?

The average person or company does not need dedicated web hosting for their website; this service is more appropriate for companies or organizations with an extremely high volume of traffic: upwards of 40 million hits a day. The website and the auxiliary components are usually stored and operated at a remote location which saves the company money and valuable space. Companies prefer remote locations in case of emergencies, such as natural disasters when they must depend on safety and reliability of the web host and data.

Users who are the owners of large websites which have a lot of traffic should think of dedicated hosting. They will pay a little extra for personalized services in exchange for an increase in speed, technical issues, and security. Dedicated hosting allows the website to be loaded rapidly. The owner can access the contents and change them when he wishes to.

If the user thinks he will have a lot of traffic on his website, then dedicated hosting is recommended. Dedicated hosting involves the lease of a whole server which offers a choice of scripting languages, software and the proper hardware required for the website. Dedicated hosting is preferred by large businesses or clients who need professional assistance and are also willing to pay a bit more for it. Dedicated hosting is expensive, but it offers a lot of advantages to making it worth the price. It offers personalized services and rejects the problems of worrying about issues of hardware and troubleshooting.

A huge website needs technical staff for its maintenance. Dedicated hosting companies have on-site technicians who take care of such requirements. When you are choosing a dedicated hosting company, consider the kind of hardware offered, the software, uptime including power backup, servers, kind of OS and the control panel which is used to access the website. Co-location is an alternative to dedicated hosting. Clients will have to have their own server, but the ISP will provide a location together with an Internet connection.