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Tips to Make website visible on the Internet

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Make website visible

In today’s world, Your online presence allows a large number of people to reach you on the web. Upgradation of online presence on your site and on third-party websites is essential.

Website Structure – Make website visible

First of all your website must be of proper size. A number of pages on your site must be appropriate. However, if a number of pages are more, a site is shown up in search engine results.

Your home page must contain several headings such as “About Us,” “Contact Us,” “Services,” “Testimonials,”, “Gallery“. All these headings must contain information accordingly. Try to use keywords as much as possible and write unique content for every page. Make use of photos and videos also.

More pages can be added to your site by writing a blog also. Make sure that it is in your company domain only.
Posts on your site, add sharing buttons to them so that your content can be linked by readers to their social media accounts such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and always make comments turn on so that people can give share their feedback with you. When designing your website, try to avoid using Flash.

Integrate social media – Make website visible

To make your site visible on SEO, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter must be integrated into your site. You just need to update your account timely so as to increase the visibility of your business to SEO.

You can set up your business accounts on various social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. These days, Pinterest is also used but not very important for everyone. If you wish to see your site in top results of search engine then your account of twitter must appear second, LinkedIn third and then google+.

While setting up your social media accounts, make sure you used logos and picture and all your contact details must be same across all the networks. When setting username for your accounts, should include the name of your business and try to use max keywords.

Always remember, if post something, then post it in all your accounts and if you are having a habit of forgetting, keep a reminder for same.

Leverage Yelp – Make website visible

Leverage Yelp plays a significant role in getting results in SEO. If you are having your business offline; it has a physical presence then keep your Yelp listings always exact, claimed and updated. Reviews of Yelp also plays an important role in providing better results in SEO. In the list of Yelp, every business could not appear as there are some rules governing this. So if you're interested or thinking about submitting your business on Yelp, then go for it and see the result. Business in Yelp list will increase your online presence.

Organize/ Publish the Press release – Make website visible

If you wish to generate max no. of backlinks to your site and through it, wishes to attract many readers then organize or publish press releases. The basic objective behind this is advertising and popularity. Some websites also charge for this like they are charging 100$ per release. However, the Internet is a great way of increasing your business online presence and to generate max no. of users.

Video Connection – Make website visible

To increase the popularity of your business, you can make some mini-movies on youtube as when searching for your business or site, it displays in the search engine results as google assign weight to these channels. It will definitely improve your online presence. Make sure that you always link back on your YouTube page. With this also links to other social media websites.

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