Website BuilderWhenever choosing the hosting company, you should always ask the hosting company to provide you Site Builder. A professional website builder, designed especially for those, who do not have any site and don’t have sufficient knowledge of programming to construct a site. Using Site Builder, unskilled users or beginners can build their website with professional quality in simple steps within few minutes. To access the Site Builder, software that comes Free with Cheap Web Hosting package, you will need to login to your cPanel account. provides a free site builder.

RV Site Builder

RV Site Builder is a website building tool, developed by the creators of the RV Skin and the RV Skin Manager Software tools, both very useful for any cPanel user and reseller. It offers quick website creation even if you have no experience in the field of web design or dealing with pre-defined templates and their customization. The tool is available in several languages, making it more accessible to people from all over the world. It is also available with all cPanel skins and is not bound just to the RV Skin. It also provides an easy to use ‘follow a guide' and the basics of a good website design are here.

The RV Site Builder is available as a free addition to all CPanel web hosting plans created under the CPanel Reseller Program. It is available for individual use – to build new websites, as a strong selling point to attract future customers. Combined with the free domain reseller account, the free billing software (Client Exec) and the Fantastico script installation tool, you get a complete web hosting platform that will make your life as a reseller much easier.Web hosting cheap provides step by step directions for creating your website with text, links, pictures and also animation.

All of our Personal Class, Business Class, Reseller Class and E-commerce Class web hosting plans are accompanied by RVSiteBuilder free of charge. This advanced site builder integrates into our control panel to provide a seamless transition from website creation to website management.

With RVSiteBuilder, you are not just limited to the 500+ templates provided. Through the advanced feature, you can create your own templates and have a truly unique website! Click the demo button below to see what the site builder can accomplish.

For fast, secure and reliable RvSiteBuilder Hosting, look forward to webhostingcheap for all your web hosting related needs. RVSiteBuilder Pro is an advanced website builder that is so easy to use – anybody can make a professional grade website now in just 5 minutes! All you have to do is answer a few questions, choose your category and style then pick a design.