Fantastico is a PHP web application services installer that is perfect for PHP website script hosting. You don't need to know PHP in order to install our script packages. It integrates with cPanel and gives you the ability to quickly install dozens of the leading php website scripts into your hosting account at no extra charge – right thru your control panel!.

Installation of scripts was never as easygoing as using Fantastico. Fantastico makes setting up hundreds of scripts quick and easy, to let you add a most sought after extra features to a website including forums, discussion boards, and back-end database. CPanel control panel is used to integrate Fantastico in a website.

Within Fantastico online hosting, there are more than 50 Forms of programs that can be utilized to customize and generate a website, which can total from a piece of writing product Administration online, buying cart software, favorite wikis can be connected to website, addition of blogs and photo Getting and sharing capabilities. Sole of the critiques of the scripts is that it has been linked with spam. Also, to get your head around the script, there is At any time a lot of Technical concerns that are similar with this script as well, and it has brought about a lot of consumers out there a good deal of headaches As soon as talking about making their website. Also, there are pretty a bit of safety items after talking about this script, and there are a lot of debugging that is nonetheless heading on.

Online Chat is a discussion venue that allows customers to talk over the web. Fantastico website hosting permits customers to create forums without the need to write codes from scratch. It also enables you to change the design to complement your main site. PhpBB and SMF are some examples of forum application.

Since there are plenty of Fantastico web hosting companies competing in the market, the selection of the right host may require reading user reviews on forums and hosting comparison sites. The factor to look for in review of Fantastico web hosting companies include hosting reliability, price, responsive and expert customer support, bandwidth, disk space, and other value additions offered by the Fantastico web hosting company.