An existing or past customer statement or review about the product or service. The customer often shares their stories, a hosting provider helped them in setting up the online presence of their business. Most hosting providers share the testimonials of satisfied customers or provide specific improvement statistics or an appraisal of the product or service values. The hosting values include resources, cost, uptime, & support. The hosting consumer often compares it with other providers.

The hosting companies use the testimonials as tools of their content marketing, to present their hosting plan's values, customer service, relationship, and reputation. It impacts the prospective customer by building a positive attitude.
After-sales support services enhance the hosting plan value, the customer expects more than what he is paying for. This more in customer perception cannot have a fixed number, it's always relative to what is being offered to what other providers are advertising. The customers get fascinated by unlimited resources.

Most hosting providers pay for the hosting plan endorsement, by providing the technical details, security features, support services, and infrastructure features. Thus, giving a feel-good buying experience, and justifying the purchase rationally. The customer comes with a lot of hopes and fears and tries to find answers to specific questions in testimonials and reviews of existing customers. It's understandable that whatever they are reading is a kind of letter of recommendation, appreciation, and the character reference would be only coming from the satisfied customer. The customer is the best brand advocate, thus helping the company to build trust, credibility, and emotional connection.

A prospective customer might be looking for a product or service worth. The pleased customer's testimonials expressing gratitude further bias the customer attitude towards the product or service. A testimonial represents real situations, therefore, a website must feature people through names, personal pronouns, quotes, testimonials, stories, photos, of satisfied customers etc.