A multiple domains hosting plans is a type of hosting plan which allows multiple domain names to be attached and allocated to separate portions of the hosting.  This can be accomplished on web hosting services which provide the appropriate software and hardware requirements to allow clients to partition their hosting plan to be shared between the domains.  The several domains can also share all of the resources of the hosting plan but access information only available within a certain folder available somewhere within the hosting.

It is fruitful for the people who buy large bandwidth as well as disk space; however, unable to make full use of the facilities. Multiple Domain Web Hosting Services offers a centralized website as well as options for organizing all the domain names; moreover, this kind of solution allows the customer to park domains.

Multiple domain hosting is different from having multiple subdomains.  A subdomain is a folder or portion of the hosting where another website is stored and can be accessed through various means.  With multiple domains hosting completely unique websites can be attached to a single hosting plan under a single price.  It is important to understand when a hosting company is trying to market their services as unique domains or subdomains which can really confuse consumers.  Some hosting companies also misuse the term “multiple domains” in their hosting plans to make it possible to redirect multiple domains to a single hosted website.  It is up to the client to understand what the hosting company is trying to sell them before they make a purchase.

Actual multi-domain hosting provides two separate control panels for each domain. Also, individual logins, tools, and email accounts accompany these accounts. Data transfer quotas and disk space can also be allocated to specific accounts. Although maintenance is much more labor intensive, there is a great deal of flexibility when creating different domains since each have their own settings.

Multiple domain hosting is by far the most effective and affordable method of hosting a number of domains. If you were to find a hosting provider for each domain account, maintenance would be tremendously difficult and monthly costs would be through the roof. Luckily, a consolidated effort has been created to ease wear on the servers and provide an affordable option to webmasters.