Cloud-computing services have made a drastic rise recently with more than 10 % of the spending on external IT services spending on cloud computing. The cloud market is evolving too since more people are getting aware of how it can benefit a typical organization. It is also recognized as a key initiative while some are planning to implement it too in the near future.

Cloud computing provides a quick way of adding new servers and hosting new Web-based applications with little upfront investment. It enables enterprises to focus on innovation as they no longer have to own or manage their IT resources. One has no need to put extra money to hire skilled & trained manpower or any equipment other than an Internet-connecting device to use Cloud computing services. Cloud is a way of better utilization of limited resources. The utility of all server, storage, and network resources gets maximized as it is shared by multiple users, thus cuts down the waste on a global level. It is an environment-friendly and energy efficient way to meet the enterprise's IT needs.
Reduced Cost It helps keep the cost down for both the users and website owners. Also for the users, they can access it from any computer and still have the file they need. For the owners, they do not need to reproduce the software and ship it out. They just rent the server space. Cloud computing, it is a win-win situation for both provider and customer with competitive cost options to access technology. Cloud computing has the ability to shift the risk from enterprises to the Cloud computing provider. This concept refers to the fact that, since it's up to the cloud provider to handle the computing processing load and the enterprise will pay by use, then it's possible to reduce the risk that user will run out of capacity to support the customers and core business processes. The risk functionally shifts to the cloud provider who is better suited to accept that risk and capable of managing it. So for the provider, the turnaround time to solve issue might be equal or less proportionate to the problem occurring in the traditional environment.
Cloud computing is still growing and many government bodies and company organizations already using this type of network for their businesses. This type of computing allows them to focus on what matters and not to worry about the technology side of things. Cloud computing does have its place, though it is not for all companies.