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Latest News And Web Hosting Review Baremetal Overview

Baremetal has been offering domain registration and web hosting services since 1995. Their fast and reliable servers allow hosting solutions to all sized businesses and maintaining a robust presence on the internet. Company guarantees 99.99% uptime with 30-day money back policy. Their technical support team monitors multiple systems all the time. In case of any technical issues, face by customer, support team will resolve it within few minutes. Baremetal uses advanced technology that recovers entire server, programs, and operating system. With this provider, there is no need to reinstall individual operating system and software. Company also provides automated server migration. Due to their reliable servers and network, recover data in any case. proprietorship was converted into “ Inc” in 2000, but its history goes back much farther. has started the service of web hosting and domain-registration since 1995. From then it is specialist in this sector.

It has reliable and fast servers which allow web solutions to all sizes of companies for building and maintaining a strong presence on the Internet. It is 100% Canadian located, staffed and owned. It is user friendly web hosting service.

BareMetal name was picked from “The Hacker Jargon File” where it means – programming at the hardware level and to build computers and system software from scratch.

Reliability and Uptime Report

Baremetal has achieved 100% uptime last week. With 1 existing domains were deleted, 0 domains were transferred away and 0 new domains were registered with Baremetal. Not only this, but also 0 domains were transferred to Baremetal from other web hosts. As per social media content and conversations, Baremetal has 100% positive user response. guarantees 99.99% overall uptime which is considered excellent.

Plan and Pricing helps you to implement a simple site, maintaining a complex web-based business, or something in between too. BareMetal helps you to achieve your business objectives. It has various products that include – web hosting, domain registrations with a wide range of tools. It’s all hosting account plans can be billed monthly, quarterly, or annually basis. However, you will be able to get discounts of 10% and 15% on quarterly and annual payments respectively. Accepted forms of payment are by Visa, cheque, MasterCard, PayPal or Amex. offers lots of plans from starters to professionals. You can choose any of the plans as per your need and requirement. It has extra add-ons feature also. However, you have to pay for it.

Features and Control Panel

It has various features, some of them are – clean systems, depth of knowledge, removes yesterday`s headaches.

Technical Support has servers which monitored by multiple systems 24/7. Moreover, if you have any issue arises and technical support team will be paged within 5 minutes.

It provides customer support communications through e-mail. Its E-mail system provides the facility of automatically logged. It is reviewable and searchable. You can solve your issues over calls also to get reviewed and tracked, for making sure the company is handling the issue appropriately or not.


It has lots of pros, some of them are – ability to recover whole server, applications, operating system, and programs, no need to reinstall individual operating systems and software, Huge admin cost savings, automate server migration to either physical or virtual environments and many more.


Its cons are – complexity, inability to restore to dissimilar hardware and always do not support recovery from tape drives.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Because of any reason if you want to cancel the service of this hosting company then not to worry. offers the facility of 30 day full money back guarantee.


As an organization, it is very important to ensure that your data is protected and secure. So, BMR helps you to restore and recover data in case there is a disaster, such as – natural disaster, power loss or human error. It has various plans for starters to professionals. It also provides 30 day money back guarantee. So, without any tension you can try it.

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