Most companies ask their customers to provide online feedback on their experience with their products or services. Everybody has full right to share their opinion, feedback, or review and most express it in the form of positive or negative feedback based on their satisfaction level.

In a customer-centric market, every company wants to give a 100% service experience. The customer feedback provides them a pulse, where they need to improve or resolve the customer issue with the best possible solution. They took positive reviews as endorsements and made them prominently available on their advertisements, promotions, and website. The endorsements are taken as an assurance of the product or service quality and enhance the brand image.

Nowadays, rich media content is gaining more popularity. People share images & videos of most of their life events on social media to remain connected in this physically disconnected world. Most hosting companies run campaigns on YouTube & Vimeo and then share video links on their blog or satellite domains. The companies also look for exciting and viral videos and stay connected with their prospective clients. Such videos also bring traffic to their website, and search engines give a good ranking. A blog having rich media with content has a much more significant impact, and thus, the hosting companies keep them updated regularly to thrive business. They encourage, improve, engage, and increase visitors' collaboration and supports assistance.

The posts created targets niche marketing segments contains unique, valuable precise, and clear points. The useful content attracts and fascinates visitors to re-visit the blog. Visitors share the URLs of such blogs on their social media to make their knowns aware of essential aspects. The content value gives them a reason to share it further. Thus, they like to discuss those topics. In this highly competitive world, if more and more people are engaged and discussing the content, it differentiates the company from competitors. The quality counts, not quantity. Search engines also give a chance to a website at the top if its quality brings visits & re-visits, engages visitors, encourages sharing, and provides feedback or comments.

Sharing the same content with no value at multiple locations does not help, instead of creating valuable content and placing it good website enhances the chance of being at the top of searches. The compelling content gets maximum sharing, resharing, tweets, and retweets on popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, & Tumblr. It is the most significant way to build a relationship with the customers. A comment by a customer can bring a change to the thought or strategy of an entire business. A business doesn't need to do much advertisement if its customers are doing it for it. They are providing natural, high-quality back-links to an online business website.

Most customers like to purchase from local businesses. On the Internet, listing website on local directories is an essential aspect of online marketing. The customer's affinity with the locals is due to its reach, and people are more willing to buy products or services. The local businesses get feedback quickly from customers.