The number of affordable hosting companies has increased a lot of the years simply because companies are now hiring such service providers to launch their websites. However the truth is that not all of these companies are genuine so you should be careful in dealing with them .

Some companies will offer you suspiciously low prices and those are the ones that you should stay away from them. Take some time and look some names on the internet; shortlist a couple of names and then compare the prices and the services that are being offered.

Deciding on one company will not be easy so this article was written to present certain factors that you should keep in mind before you hire the services of an affordable web hosting service provider. So now let us look at some points that will help you in locating an Affordable hosting service provider You can start off by studying the company’s latency. You can use certain tools that are available on the internet to check out the providers ping times. You do not have to pay for using these tools.

You should check the latency of the service providers from as many cities as possible as this will give you a good idea. You can then study the uptime of an Affordable hosting service provider. If the service provider has a bad uptime then it can affect your website very badly specially if you are running an online store.

A slow website is not appreciated by the users at all. A recent survey has revealed that a web page that takes more than 10 seconds to load will lose customers very fast; you should keep this in mind before you hire an Affordable hosting service provider. The software quality is another thing that you should keep in mind. A genuine Affordable hosting service provider will provide the users with a variety of software to help the website work properly.

The service provider should preferably use WordPress, Mambo and Joomla. Now if you want your website to have a forum then you should start using the latest versions of server applications and PHP. You must also make sure that the Affordable hosting service provider uses good quality SQL based databases. These days a lot of websites get data from the SQL databases. This allows complicated websites to produce good content to the users of the website. A SQL database is a must.

An affordable hosting service provider should also have an efficient cPanel. This actually helps to speed up the entire maintenance and development process for the owner of the website.  The user can also avail services like checking statistics of the visitors, getting more domain names and getting multiple email accounts. You should also consider dedicated hosting service from an Affordable hosting service provider. In this way you can enjoy high security of your website at all times. Follow the guidelines in the write up and you will have no trouble in locating an Affordable hosting service providers.