DayZ standalone server was launched back in 2013 at year end. Once launched it enjoyed amazing success and since that time has sold more than 2.5 million copies all over the world. There are also great demand for people looking to rent as well as run their personal servers. The demand is on the rise consistently and counting.

Benefits of Running Own Dayz Server Hosting

There are numerous benefits of running one’s own DayZ server.

  • The user gets complete control over the server.
  • They can run the server the way the desire to.
  • Get automatic connections to all the servers around.
  • Players would be able to travel freely between own and other servers.
  • In addition; the people can take high prize gears along.

Persistence Enabled Dayz Server

All the DayZ servers are now persistence enabled. The meaning is that the loot, as well as gear earned by a player, will continue even when the server restarts. Other items that remain intact are the storage items such as the tents. Players can easily set up camp with friends and clan mates. It is obvious that no player would ever like to lose their gear and loots and this has been made possible by persistence enabled server. So if the next time the server goes down you won’t have to worry about the loss of your items.

Comparing Server Hosts

The user can compare the DayZ server hosts from the table offered on their site and decide on the best one that suits their requirements and budget perfectly. Some of the highly popular server hosts offered by DayZ are Fragnet, Gameservers, and Vilayer. Each has its own specific area of excellence and using them can take the user experience to a new level altogether. User has to learn about the locations, but these three hosting servers are available in all the continents across the globe.

What the DayZ Server Hosting Offer

When it comes to facilities provided by the DayZ servers they include SSD technology, fast setup, round the clock service and live support as well as monitoring by highly proficient support team of the provider. Other features available with the server are configuration, control panel, consistent uptime, automated time changers and real-time support.

DayZ Server User Incentives

Several incentives are offered for the DayZ Server users by the provider. These include –

  1. Game discount coupons.
  2. 5-day refund policy
  3. 30-day refund policy.
  4. Free voice servers
  5. Discount on term payments
  6. Free location switches

Payment Modes for Obtaining the Server

Clients opting for DayZ server can pay using PayPal, Clan or Group Pay, Credit cards, personal checks, and money orders.

 Trusted Providers DayZ Server Hosting

Trusted providers of DayZ servers use the products offered by top gaming companies of the world. They also use the studios to host the online servers. DayZ is one of the leading standalone gaming servers and is an excellent choice for the users. Advantages of using services of trusted providers are :

  • Access to DayZ servers across the globe.
  • Quick installation and dedicated server support.
  • Customized control panel.
  • Shared payment facilities
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Money back facilities.

The best part of it is that with the reliable and reputable service provider the client will get fully managed DayZ standalone servers and the price will depend on the slots to be decided by the client.