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Website Manager Webmaster

The webmaster does contain the word “Master”, it says a lot, as a layman, we can think of a person, who is managing all the web.  Reading a lot of stuff from the Internet, this man seems to be a person, who doesn’t get much help from anybody else, he does everything by himself.

A webmaster may be designer, developer of a website, who may be managing their website. As a webmaster, it looks like a person, who does a lot of critical thinking, analysis and lot of writing in regards to the websites he manages. He may be having a team, which may involve few SEO’s, designers, developers, image editors, content writers who overall appreciate the webmaster.  A webmaster is a person, who keeps all the details of the website, when the page was created, what the page tells about, what are the keywords used in it, what is a description, title, and tags. He analyses all the details with the competitor’s pages. Keep track of a website on various search engines – ‘Google’,’ Yahoo’, and ‘Bing’ etc.  His work is also reviewed, appraised; he is responsible for all the maintenance of the website that is why he is Webmaster. He is considered to be well versed with programming languages such as Perl and most of the HTML.

I have forgotten to mention, one more person, in the early of my paragraphs, Code tester, if, some programming is being done on the website, this person plays very important role, as he tests the code with various dummy data and take screenshots, coordinate with the programmer, webmaster to check if the code is serving what is required from that.

All these people work behind the scene, and the only Webmaster is treated on the screen, these people working behind the scene are talented, patient and knowledgeable people, who take co-operate and co-ordinate with the webmaster in the various activities of the website.  For a perfect website, it must be free from all the errors, and which is the responsibility of the webmaster.

Remuneration – Website Manager Webmaster

There is always some budget allocation to be done by the individuals or businesses i.e. how much they want to spend on their website.  Is it is cash-cow; a then the owner of the website may be spending a lot on it. Most of the websites are just mere business representations on the Internet. Once they are online, no further actions are being performed on them.  So, they need a Webmaster only at the time of their making.  A designer or developer at that time may play a role of webmaster and that cost is being included in the website making. But, if the website is a big portal, then there would be regular need of webmaster and he can cost around ten thousand dollars also.

It is true, that to make a website effective, you need to do investment.  There is no metric to measure the effectiveness of a website.  But, I can say that the sites which improve over time are effective.  Like any other tangible business, goal setting is must in making the website effective.

Role – Website Manager Webmaster

Webmaster plays a role of Analysis, who learns about the industry for which the website is being there or is being prepared.  He is the person, who can tell, what would be delayed action, direct action or indirect action.

Webmaster analyses Competitors websites, their position on the web, what content is there on them. After analyzing all this, he decides marketing strategy on the Internet.

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