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Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Data Center

  • NAC datacenter
  • Network utilizes equipment consisting of Intel, Cisco, and Juniper
  • Fully redundant multiple tiers
  • Internet backbone providers including Sprint, Level3, AT&T, Savvis, AboveNet, UUNET, Time Warner, Genuity, Internap, Linux over 300 peering points and transit providers spanning three countries within North America and Europe.

Services Offered: domain registration, web hosting, web design, SSL certificates

Target Customers: Across the globe which includes Dallas, Atlanta, New Jersey, Chicago, and the UK.

What about Customers?

  • High-availability web cluster hosting solution
  • Guaranteed maximum redundancy and reliability: Clustered failover hosting environment with real-time data replication which automatically routes all network traffic to an available server if a server within the cluster fails or shut down for maintenance eliminating downtime.
  • Reliable network
  • Enterprise-class servers