All you need to know about Nucleus

Platforms that allow blogging has gained immense popularity and are included in most websites. This also permits the visitors to write their thoughts on the website. Nucleus happens to be a very popular blogging software that has a wide range of features.

Introduction to Nucleus

The nucleus is an open sourced software that is written using PHP combined with MYSQL backend. It is used quite often to update any content on the website. This is a very light content management system. Nucleus software uses something called callback which led to the creation of a plugin which in turn has inspired other plugins in more than one language.

You can use Simple scripts, Installatron and Fantastico to install this wonderful software on your computer.

The features of Nucleus

The software has many features that can be enhanced by some plugins.Some of the best features can be listed as below.

  • As a user, you will be able to post more than one blog
  • The software also facilitates more than one Author
  • You can categorize your blogs
  • Nucleus software also has a commenting box that is inbuilt; this can be tweaked with tools such as Recaptcha and Modcomments.
  • You can customize the URL as per your requirements
  • You can introduce additional features using plugins. The plugins can be installed in Nucleus very easily.
  • Now when it comes to articles or comments the software has a highlighting feature that lets you search out certain terms.
  • Atom Syndication and RSS can both be edited
  • All the contents present in the database are exported and can be retrieved later from the control panel.

So by now, it may have occurred to you that Nucleus software is quite useful and can allow you to do a lot of things within a very short time. To get the best performance out of this software you need to install it properly on your computer. If you have had certain people telling you that the process of installation is very tough well they have been misleading you all along. So it is the time that you start looking for installation tutorials on the internet.

Most of the tutorials have the contents broken down into a series of steps that are easy to follow. Once you follow the steps properly it means that you have installed the software properly. After you installed the software, you should then go through the entire interface learning about the various tools and their usage. To understand Nucleus software properly you must spend a considerable amount of time and try not to rush through the learning process as you may miss out on the important things.

As a new user you may have some difficulties in going through this software but eventually, things will turn out just fine. So you need to have a bit of patience and try to stay calm. After you feel confident about using Nucleus software you can then configure the settings of the software as per your own requirements.