This article will help you understand some of the features of the Linux control panel, the features on the control panel can be used during Linux hosting services. Locating the Cpanel is very easy all you have to do is click on the start menu and click on the control panel icon.

Here are some of the features and uses of a Linux Control Panel

control panel

With the user accounts feature you can create fresh users for your particular system. You can also change the password to make sure that your system can get maximum security.

The start menu and the system taskbar; in this feature you can make modifications to both. You have the liberty of hiding the taskbar and you may also rearrange the start option menu as per your own preference.

Clicking on the system icon will direct you the properties box within the system. In this area, you will find all the information related to the system such as speed of the system, hardware components, and the available memory space.

The audio and sound icons help the user to control a level of sounds and the various audio functions.

The scheduled tasks icon is extremely helpful if you want your computer to do something at a designated time. All you have to do is set a particular time and the computer will do the task properly.

Network connection is another very important icon on the Cpanel. This is very important for any Cpanel hosting activity. You can create networks using the setup wizard options. The modem, printers, phone, and power options are some of the things that are found here.

The internet option icon should be paid special attention to as it has a host of wonderful features such as automatic settings, bookmarks, and privacy settings. Plus there are many more features related to the browser.

The display icon lets you make adjustments to the resolution on the screen. Using this icon you can change the wallpapers on your computer.

The date and time icon on the Cpanel lets you change the time and date and other information as per your requirement.

Another important icon s the remove or add programs. Using this icon you can remove or add any program as per your desire. At times you may install some software that does not function properly so then you can use this option to remove the software. Using this software install or uninstall programs.

The add hardware icon comes in handy when an individual wants to add a new printer or a scanner to the computer. The options on this icon are very easy to handle and almost anyone can install any hardware without any problems at all.

The accessibility option allows the users to operate the computer as per their capabilities. People with certain disabilities can make adjustments to their computer for ease of use. A person can adjust the color levels if he or she has certain problems with their eyes.

Follow the tips very carefully and you should have no trouble using the icons on the cPanel.

CPanel Security

Hosting automation tools make management of server easier and efficient. CPanel and WHMCS are the most common type of hosting solutions. As with any hosting solution these tools also need a potential layer of security. Despite of the various prominent security tools, the hacking activity has increased over the years. Consequently they have to bear a huge data loss. The only solution which is offered is ‘time machine solution’ allowing them to restore site .Recently a major backup solution for cloud-based website has been released by Codeguard which is a leading provider of cloud-based backup solutions. These solutions are easy to integrate with any shared hosting plan. This can be done without having any deep technical   knowledge. This new introduced service complements the website security tools giving users another layer of security. Coastguard was first integrated with A Small Orange which is an enterprise-class hosting provider.

Further, there are also few tips which can make CPanel secure:-

  • Keeping cPanel updated: Keeping CPanel updated may fix bugs in tools. Sometimes the company introduces a new version with mitigating high-security flaws.
  • SSL: SSL(Secure Socket Layer ) is a technology which encrypts data and gives assurance of keeping away data from any intrusion or breach.SSL certificate adds a security layer and a user can understand if a website is secure or not, by just reading the URL. If it starts with https then it is SSL enabled site otherwise not. Now the Google has also announced that those websites who are using SSL will be given preference in indexing as they are considered secure.
  • Secure Passwords: Among all the cyber threat and attacks the password is most common and vulnerable threat. Some user keeps simple passwords which are easy to remember. But this will lead to a more vulnerable system.
  • Service Monitoring: Services and Daemons are the programs which run when the system boots up and will last up till server is running. But many of the services are mission critical and if they crash Website can become inoperable leading to a huge business loss. To save from this situation, the monitoring of service should be enabled. Monitoring tools keeps track of all your mentioned services. If any of them crashes abruptly, then it will be restarted automatically at once. So this tool acts as a safeguard for unexpected abrupt crashes letting user experience less downtime. This is an ad-hoc solution, not a permanent solution. If your service crashes often then some severe solutions should be measured.

Security Advisor: It is recommended to check security advisor regularly for security issues. Here issues can be classified into four categories:

  • Red threats: These are the issue which is needed to be addressed as early as possible to prevent your server from serious intrusion or threat.
  • Yellow Warnings: These are uncertain threats. These threats need to be optimized again if they are critical or not.
  • Gray Info: These are recommendation or suggestion. Though by following them may make you secure from upcoming problems.
  • Green: these are the issues which have been fixed and resolved.

Whenever any issue is there, cPanel gives instruction to fix them and even it may provide a link to the specific section where it can be resolved. Once your task is completed, you must scan server again to ensure that there are no security threats.