Secure WordPress Hosting Providers

Today, security is first priority on people’s agenda while choosing any host to protect their website. Due to poor security, a risk of malicious attacks and damage can increase. Specialized WordPress hosting is a place which is rapidly growing in popularity. This is important because high competition means enhanced marketplace in industry. There are three main elements which make up excellent host-
1. Performance
2. Speed, reliability, and Knowledge
3. Product offering and Price
Let’s look at the how many popular WordPress hosting providers measure up from a performance standpoint. Having fastest servers never make host the best WordPress hosting provider. You can search here if you are looking for the best Secure WordPress hosting.

What is Secure WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is shared web hosting particularly for running WordPress site. High performance includes security, speed, reliability and more. Besides this, some custom features are also provided by some web hosts such as sFTP access to WordPress platform, WordPress file update versioning, marketplace integration of plug-in and themes, automatic WordPress backup and more.

How to choose Secure WordPress Hosting:

Currently, there are more than 100000 hosting providers over the net, and almost each of them offers to host WordPress sites. One of the important factors of WordPress is that it works much better when its hosted with finest WordPress host. Apart from this, a major issue with WordPress hosting is overselling, which many providers oversell accounts on shared servers for profit. This will give bad customer service, insecurity, poor performance, and instability.

Points to be noted before choosing WordPress hosting:

Support PHP- WordPress is creating software needs to back with most recent technology.
Compatible with WordPress hosting- Should support all PHP extensions.
PHP memory limit- Configured to be more than 128MB, that is adequate for processing images
Increase WordPress Security- PHP run as suPHP
US-based technical support with solid knowledge and experience.
Reasonable and affordable price in the market.

Type of Secure WordPress Hosting:

Basically, there are five types of WordPress hosting with dedicated, free, managed, VPS and shared hosting.

Free WordPress Hosting-

Some hosting providers provide free WordPress hosting which is eye-catching. A customer can avoid free WordPress hosting as it has many drawbacks also such as customers are not allowed to place own ads, rapid shut down or just leave their sites.

Shared WordPress Hosting:

For the beginners, Shared WordPress hosting is a good option. In this, customers host their sites on a single server, administered by hosting provider. Shared hosting offers low cost because all clients share the total cost of the server. Their plans offer unlimited space and bandwidth, but resources are limited for each account. To manage sites, advanced tools are available such as 1-click installer and cPanel. Moreover, it works much better with light traffic sites owned by start-up companies and bloggers.

VPS WordPress Hosting

This hosting offer dedicated resources to all customers by allocating a fixed portion of server resources. It is a little bit expensive but provides rights so that user can run multiple WordPress sites. Due to advanced monitoring methods and technology, a performance of VPS hosting is faster. It can be used to host high-traffic WordPress websites.

Dedicated WordPress hosting:

It allows users to get full root access to the operating system. Customers can keep and maintain server by themselves. A dedicated server offers tangible benefits such as dedicated resources and high performance, handle unlimited visits as well.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

It can handle technical stuff such as site backup, maintenance, security and more. It is also an expensive hosting. Best for those who have no time to manage their sites.