Free Hosting of Web Page

Customers are looking generally for free hosting with no interruptions like pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, buttons, headers and footers. With all these customers would like 99.8 percent up-time, access to cgi-bin for scripts, fast servers, PHP and MySQL database, FP extensions and FTP access. There is an excess of free web hosting but they mostly offering or advertising free service for limited time. Many companies are providing quality hosting in exchange offer having their banners served on user's pages. Non-banners options are provided on slow servers and therefore chances of server failure.

How can non-banner free hosting companies earn?

Companies are trying to survive by alluring freebie customers to take out options of paid hosting space. If user utilizes this hosting then he will get either available services for limited time or need to pay things like Front Page Extensions and access cgi-bin for scripts. Another option for survival is that they will regular newsletter having offers from companies for payment for the ad.

Using Strategies

One common feature for companies is that when they first establish shop, great customer support is there, good server response times, file transfer interfaces and shared scripts functions are reliable. If anybody need to use free space then he can do things below:-

1. First buy a domain name : Firstly user has to register domain name. Many registrars of domain name give a batch of free services with each registered name. Domain name registration cost can be low. One of the important service that user want is a domain name control panel and free http/URL framing. This permits to redirect the desired name. If free hosting provider of any user is not functioning properly then he can migrate to another provider and redirect domain according to his need. A warning is there to be careful during registration of domain name as user has very less control over domain name.

2. Free web space may be available : When user sign up for internet access gets free web space as per allotment of company. User can create mirror version of website with the help of Front Page extensions provided by Internet Service Provider. Different features are offered from one host to other host. Some of free web space providers are offering minimum hosting features essential to setup free web pages of personal homepage and others are offering important features to bring small business online.

User get more features like PHP scripting and MySQL databases offered in free webhosts to setup and run more famous PHP scripts and web applications like IPB, SMF, phpBB, phpNuke, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal CMS sites and many more.