Use of WordPress designs has increased focus on HTML5, scrolling, micro UX mobile interfaces and flat user interface. Flash graphics are eliminated by them. Last year user saw minimalism as the most important principle of design continues in 2015. There are some WordPress trends used to design.

To eliminate clicking by scrolling:

Those sites are growing which are using scrolling because at mobile environment it is highly functional. When scrolling is used it improves the UX as the whole WordPress web design is easy to use and interactive. Scrolling is done to manage the improvement of page load time.

Center of Attraction is Background

Many websites that are using high quality graphics in an image or a video with high resolution is growing this year. To put background images or videos will look better on a mobile device. Lot of value is received after using background video properly. More ghost buttons are being used with large background videos and images. Many smart designs will enhance the class of website.

Flat Designs are more famous

Flat designs are more preferable and would be showcased more because it is simple and spontaneous. Minimalism is offering a flat design which has to be considered as intelligible structure of page. These designs were being used 2 years ago. Google has offered a new brand for flat design in which material design will be labeled. User can see the approach on meaningful motion, bold graphics and visual metaphors, these all will take these designs to new height.

Use More Typography

All experts agreed that this year is like typography. Many possibilities are available through which one can see a match between virtual campaigns and material. All are focusing to offer uniformity across marketing platforms. Every single day many new fonts are developed so that user will be able to find perfect matches.

Put focus on Storytelling

As time passes narrative becomes more important whenever it is referring to marketing and branding. Storytelling is a process to create narratives that will put the brand in a particular text through some principles or values.

Many sites are taking benefit of storytelling. Range started from web and simple design elements to brand narratives. This brand will end by using more images and videos. A story is integrated by them with typography and infographics.

Designing cards becomes standard

Due to this illustration Pinterest, web and mobile application company is progressing abruptly. Card designing plays an important role for organizing and rearranging all the required information available on the website of real estate which makes user's layout tidy and functional. It helps user perform many actions like buying, pinning, liking and sharing. Card designing is very useful in WordPress designing.


This year is all about users that need to realize the tools of website required by offering meaningful information. If they will find that information is not offering in appropriate manner then X button would be used. Due to the advancements made in mobile technology this year as people have facility to get connected with internet while traveling.