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Managed dedicated server

Various types of dedicated server are available and among all of them, we will go to learn about Managed dedicated server, but before that first see

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated server” indicates the server which is allocated to you only for hosting your website i.e. dedicated to the client website only to serve its need. It is a computer which has an internet connection and includes related software and a web server and is rented from the web hosting company. It is basically designed to serve the needs of the whole network which contain thousands of computer connected to each other and communicate with each other. In a network, it is a single computer which is set aside to serve the need of the network. For e.g. In a network, there are many computers from which some of them are dedicated to an internet connection, some are dedicated to scanner resources, few of them are dedicated to printer resources, some of them are serving as a firewall and others are doing some other job.

Now after understanding the meaning of a dedicated server, we will learn one of its types.

Managed dedicated server

A managed dedicated server is a service which involves the components of hardware, software, and timely updating of a dedicated server. The dedicated server industry also provides additional products and services to their members with the servers to provide them greater satisfaction.

Benefits of Managed dedicated server

Managed dedicated server companies or their providers offer several benefits like they hire full-time system administrators who have the role to maintain the dedicated servers. A managed dedicated server provides some other benefits also like it offers you not only more productivity, but also make you feel comfortable by eases your mind about several of other issues which are sometimes neglected by the client and even by the developers also who are working on functions of the dedicated hosting server. They also help you by serving the needs of your website like reliability, security, compliance, high performance. It also includes monitoring of server, backup of the server, hardware, firewall and a managed service level. Managed dedicated server also allows you to create the good and supporting infrastructure for your websites and applications with private cloud, public cloud, managed virtualization in a hybrid hosting environment. Most important is that your provider manages your entire server by engaging their expert staff. This will help you to save your time and efforts in managing a dedicated server. Your server may personally set up by the provider and approved web applications also install by them which you require for e-commerce, blogging, managing contacts of your customers i.e. their names, address etc.

Factors to consider choosing a managed dedicated server provider or a managed dedicated hosting service provider

If you want to choose a managed dedicated server or a managed dedicated hosting company, there are various factors which should be taken in consideration in deciding the same like Updating of software, updating of operating system, their firewall services, backup services, Database management, deployment of application, monitoring and recovery of server, advanced configurations, protection from viruses and anti spams, advanced technical support, Security scans and audits, good customer support, Control panel software and at last the most important factor which is security and some more.

These factors are basically the services which managed dedicated servers providers offer to their members as packages with the server. These are the important factors to be considered because these factors decide the kind of services you offer to your customers so that they can attain maximum satisfaction.

Managed dedicated servers is different from the dedicated server

Managed dedicated servers is different from the dedicated server or unmanaged dedicated servers in terms of the owners who are not expected to be the full-time system administrators in the case of a dedicated server but if we talk about managed dedicated servers then as we have read above also, they employ full-time system administrators.

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