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Unmetered dedicated server

An Unmetered dedicated server is a server for which you will not be a charge for bandwidth overages by your web hosting companies because it offers unlimited bandwidth and you can send as much data without any restrictions. It is a good option if you want to build a website and you have high bandwidth and control. This server is all yours i.e. you will take this on lease from the hosting companies. This is important for those websites that involve gaming, audio, video, and multimedia.

For e.g. If you want to send the file of 6 or 8 GB, which is large in size and you have a small bandwidth pipe then it will take a long time to reach the destination but if you have large bandwidth pipe, then you can send the same file in few minutes. An unmetered dedicated server will provide you a large amount of bandwidth which is not measured but is limited by the network connection such as 50 Mbps or 20 Mbps.

Like unmetered dedicated server, there are other dedicated servers also available, but we will go to see unmetered dedicated server only but before that, I think first of all you will like to know something about dedicated server.So have a look

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is basically designed to serve the needs of the whole network which contain thousands of computer connected to each other and communicate with each other. In a network, it is a single computer which is set aside to serve the need of the network. If we talk about web hosting, the term “Dedicated server” indicates the server which is allocated to you only for hosting your website i.e. dedicated to the client website only to serve its need. One thing is to be noted here that all the servers are not dedicated servers.

This server supports the video games and thus most of the games are played on it. This is usually run by the companies which make the game. MP3 Online games like Consoles, MW2, Warhawk, Socom etc.runs on the dedicated server.

Now get back to our topic, let’s see some benefits of an Unmetered Dedicated Server

If you are planning to start online business i.e. business on the web or internet then you need to consider web hosting options to host your website on the internet and for that you need Unmetered dedicated server where the server is all yours and it covers only your site, it does not allow other sites to be placed on it. It will make the working of an entire site very smoothly and also allow you to use the bandwidth as much without any restriction with regard to all the contents of the website.

The unmetered dedicated server allows for an unlimited data transfer means they offer unlimited bandwidth or you can say free bandwidth that will help you to work efficiently and effectively. It also allows you to handle a large volume of traffic.

People who are having an unmetered dedicated server offer its sections to others to place their website on it i.e. they are playing the role of resellers and this is proving to be a good generation of income for them. It also offers you different plans for different hosts so as to host the website online as per your need.

Another benefit of having an unmetered dedicated server is that you will get various tools with this when you purchased the server like instructions are available to design the website etc.

As we all know that if something has benefits then it has some disadvantages also…

This server is very expensive thus small and medium-sized companies cannot afford to buy this. To use this properly you should be very techno-savvy or web savvy because a server is all yours and its handling and maintenance is all under your hand. Another limitation is that it will not provide good technical support if we compared with a shared server.

In the last, I would like to say that if you know how to build websites or you are familiar with website designing and you require a large amount of uninterrupted bandwidth then the unmetered dedicated server can be the good choice for you.

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