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SME Internet Safety

The hosting business needs simple, affordable and practical security solutions for its individual and business websites. The web security markets filled with enormous open source and commercial security applications.

Most businesses prefer commercial, premium or paid security applications and show their trust as better built on high standards in comparison to open source. They think, if they are paying for it, it would surely be of quality.

The open source comes free, yet not to forget that multiple coders work on it to keep it updated and patched. The source code is available so, hiding a backdoor in a licensed open source application is not possible. But still, SME's prefer commercial applications due to their little or intermediate technical knowledge, and they think, that, when needed support would be available, furthermore paying for it would make it hassle-free.

As technology is advancing the online security threats are also becoming bigger, and almost daily we hear about hackers nefarious cyber harm act.

Botnets – SME Internet Safety

Any computer without anti-virus, anti-malware, and a firewall are treated as of ‘no-use,' as highly prone to infection when connected to the Internet. It can cause havoc, so companies ask its employees never to use such machines. The cybercriminals attack websites or networks to launch malicious activity which includes spreading viruses, malware, keyloggers. They gain control, and the victim computer becomes a botnet. Such machines are then further used to spread spams, malware or phishing code, a launch of website hacks, do identify thefts, steal passwords, credit card frauds, spoof emails and instant messaging and much more. Such machines or networks become a harvest of hacking or phishing data containing usernames, passwords, social security and credit card information, telephone numbers and other personal data.

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