Be in time for all that is important…maintain a WebCalender

Are you one of those internet users, who need to be online often, are you one of those users, who forget their tasks which are often left written in diaries and notebooks, or is it you who forget your near and dear one’s birthdays and anniversaries under excess work pressure. Well, you are not an exception. This is a common case with most of us. Do not get embarrassed the next time you make this mistake, just switch to WebCalender. Most of our daily job is on our computers, over the internet, so it is the best idea to maintain the date, time and schedule work over the internet. As the name suggests, WebCalender is a web application and is an online calendar. It can be used by a single user, multi-users over the intranet or for a group of visitors visiting your website.

Now the main question arises, why this application has become an essential part of our daily lives. The answer is, it is not just a table calendar which provides you with dates and a list of public holidays. It is something more and better. It is your customized calendar which is capable of catering to the needs of a single user to a group of users over the intranet to the visitors visiting your website. If you are alone using a WebCalender you can customize it by saving events as reminders and get the same as notifications in your email on the respective date. If you are using it along with a group of other employees, all the employees will get intimated of any conference to be held on the respective date and every user is capable of sending group invitations to people via this software application. If this software is installed on your website, visitors will be able to view any public event saved by you as an administrator.

WebCalender was released in 1999 and is mainly based on PHP 5 or its later versions or a MySQL. There are several versions of this software like the WebCalender 1.2.3, WebCalender 1.2.x and WebCalender 1.3x. It is very simple to install this application. You may just copy the HTML link of this application and paste it on your website to get the calendar. A cron-like system has to be enabled to get notifications on your email id about events. The best part of this application is that it is capable of detecting which database and drivers are essential for its installation. You may even get several

documents, tutorial videos, and end-user guides to help you out with the installation process. Your feedback is always a welcome to the WebCalender community and you may also ask questions on the community site to get solutions. Not only does this helps you schedule your daily jobs properly, you may also customize it as well by logging in as an administrator. Several themes are present to help you in its site customization.

While using any online or web application we always need to remain cautious about the security issues. Keeping this in mind, the developers of this application are in constant process of updating the software and you always get an update related to a security issue in your email. Thus, let people no more imagine you to be a forget master, switch to WebCalender and be in time on each and everything that is urgent in your life.