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Big Data

Datafication of the Business World with Big DataEverything observed is stored. Our world is a world of connected devices (IOTs) generating tons of data which is diverse and complex. The businesses find it inconvenient to manage such massive data using the traditional tools. The enterprises need specialized tools to manage and access different data which includes text, pictures, graph, map, audio, video, logs. These tools help in decision making by properly organizing and manipulating the data. The big data stored using specialized data architectures which are infinitely scalable, flexible and use cost-effective computing components.

The businesses continuously keep generating data, which they analyze to create insights. The big data is almost 1000 times more than that of traditional data. This voluminous data is coming from multiple sources like organizations, government, researchers, analysts, social media, consumers and many more. The big data providers have taken it as an opportunity to provide tools to store, organize, analyze and visualize the data. The computing machines are capable of storing Petabytes and Exabytes of data.

Benefits to Business

The companies want to gain a competitive edge, for that they collect, monitor, track and analyze to produce a lot of insights. Thus, they look for quality data from authoritative, trustworthy, authentic sources. The complete and correct data maintains its integrity or fidelity. This big data helps the organizations to learn their customers, improve services and design new products. While collecting special care is required to avoid unnecessary litigation of privacy. Nowadays, businesses behave more customer-centric. Hence they focus on enhancing customer relationships and experience.

The perfect example of Big Data is the Google searching the world-wide-web.

Speedy Search Requirement

The big data availability made a requirement for speedy search i.e. finding specified desired data in a minimum time. The data analysis is done while data-in-motion or at-rest. Share market analysts process the incoming stream of data in real-time and in live-tv-mode presents quick and effective data statistics. The government census department stores the structured data and then apply standard analytical techniques to generate insights or reports.