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Website Success

Website Success

The title of hosting behaves like a big banyan tree which consists of branches like reliability, customer support, pricing, add-on features, programming, and allowable installation of PHP and other popular marketing scripts. But you have to satisfy with my statement that traffic is the foremost thing required for the success of a website. Today every website is focusing on to get more and more traffic to their websites. The simple equation is more customers mean more income. In this article, we will try to understand how we can generate more and more traffic to their websites.

A customer always likes to taste something for free. So the first thing you need to do is offer something for free. It doesn't matter if it's an eBook, a video or a sound clip. People are on the exchange because they have to be there, not because they want to be there. They are seeing pitch after pitch every 20 seconds and quickly put their credit card away. You have to make yourself stand out throw in something unique and give it away.

Online contests and competitions can also be conducted. Keep a prize for the winner, such promotional activities attract the visitors and give them the motivation to participate. Ask for their comments on the articles or blogs posted on your website. This would give them chance to express their opinion and thoughts which are liked by nearly all people, thus those visitors might come back again and again to see response to their feedback.
One way that you can make certain that you are providing your potential customers with the information that they are searching for is by looking at the amount of website traffic that you have. If you are able to increase the amount of website traffic that you have, you will be able to make more money from your site.

Website Success Depends on Promotion

  • Advertisement through traditional media like promos in a magazine, yellow pages, PR articles, newspapers, door drop leaflets, in business cards, in front of store, company and on all those places where you find that it will work.
  • Get top rankings in search engines on various niche and long tail keywords
  • Directories listing with full details,
  • Write Blogs, Articles, and news on quality websites
  • Pay-per-click: Sponsored link on Search Engines, while measuring the ROI.

3D Ads – A programmatic technology leveraging AI

The specialized online marketing for businesses created to provide value and engage audiences. The 3D models embed within banner ads allowing viewers to preview and prospect the advertised product or service before clicking to the call to action which takes to advertiser's landing page. Therefore improves traffic quality and reduce bounce rate and increase return on ad spend (ROAS). The innovative and exciting advertisement cut noise and circumvent banner blindness.

The new ad blocker programs have fainted the effectiveness of traditional banner ads. Hence failing short of advertisers expectations.