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Understand Website Data Using Web Analytics

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Web Analytics

Webmasters got their websites online- landing page, a blog, sales page, corporate site on the internet. Getting layout and branding user has to work hard. They have researched keywords helps to determine content searched by people and create new and fresh content as per need. Social sharing buttons and widgets are implemented across a website in which webmasters would be reminded about pages and content liked by people.

Web analytics is simply analysis, measurement, reporting, and collection of website data to understand web usage. Once anyone can understand the detailed use of website then he can optimize different aspects to achieve better results.

From where Web Analytics started?

Previously internet website owners have measured the popularity of pages receiving a number of hits. Nowadays, the user understands that hits will not provide any useful information about how and by whom the site is being used. By internet website owners look at their statistics of the website including unique visitors, a number of site visits, most accessed pages, and duration spent on a page. Provided data considered as reports and technical in nature. No real analysis was performed and real business insight was not being provided by reports.

Therefore, web analytics is not the process of analyzing page hits and website usage statistics. Data is being analyzed by it. It gives an understanding that how websites will be used to a new level. A user can not only get reports on statistics but also useful analysis such as visitor demographics, at where they are clicking actually, how long visitors spend on particular sections of pages, how far pages can be scrolled up and down, where mouse cursor will move. If the content has shared or liked using social media plug-ins by users on a website then personal details of them will be collected into an analysis.

Implementation of web analytics on own site

Many site owners are still not implementing analytics tools on their site. It is difficult to determine perception on a technical basis and also using reports and graphs what should change? Site owners will not find it important specifically if it’s new or small site. Data collection is good practice from the day beginning. To implement Web Analytics many free tools are there to get started. If anyone has implemented toolset from outset then all historical data will be stored into an analysis.

Web Analytics can help really

An example defines the importance of Web Analytics:

Part of monetization strategy helps to embed affiliate link management on a blog for products within articles. Information provided and articles are important part beyond affiliated links. WordPress plug-in is there help to affiliate link management and provides automatically add affiliated links ability. All this being written within an article and across entire site based on one or more defined keywords. By the addition of a new link, words will be punched to the added link, and then anyone can easily monetize a site.

Many products are available providing capability for visualization that viewers are clicking on posts and pages. This feature helps to check whether affiliate links are working properly and being clicked. By clicking on link some triggering words are there useful for articles. Using this tool it will be easier to understand the formatting of words.

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