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Fast Internet Access

Fast Internet AccessSecurity experts have grave concerns about the modem devices which connects you to the Internet. Although the latest devices have all the security features and encryption to prevent hacking and malware infection.

Cellular Modems use a cell phone connection also have known vulnerabilities that are subject to exploitation. A cellular device can be fooled by connecting to the false mobile cell tower such as Stingray surveillance devices to cause service disruption. Furthermore, a hacker can introduce malicious code through internet-linked cellular networks.

FTTP or ‘cable' broadband – Fast Internet Access

Nowadays WiFi network is delivered through wireless routers which come with built-in modems. VDSL is fastly replacing ADSL, with a faster Internet connection that involves fiber optic cable such as BT Infinity. The Internet provider company brings FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) cable to the nearest cabinet on the road. Then to businesses and houses, Internet connection is offered through FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) having RJ45 WAN port.

The broadband fiber optic cables carry pulses of light, so we expect broadband at light-speed. But the data speed gets affected the way the light is encoded at one end and processed at the other.

Nanophotonic Device unveiled in Nature Communications using twisted light encodes and process light much faster than conventional fiber optic. The light waves into a spiral called orbital angular momentum or OAM to carry data, which would allow a massive increase in bandwidth almost 100 times.

In the trial of NGPON2 — Next-Generation Passive Optical Network 2 – in Tampa, Florida, Verizon's FiOS fiber-optic network reached a speed of consistent, symmetrical customer usable throughputs of 8 Gigabits per second across its live network in partnership with cloud and software platform company Calix. It made use of Calix's Axos Routing Protocol module for Layer 3, the Axos Subscriber Management module, and the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System

This cutting-edge technology would provide a higher degree of automation in our fiber network, and interoperability among network components. Hence would lead to greater efficiency.

Mesh Networks – Fast Internet Access

An 802.11 ac router with aerials to increase throughput and longer range. Furthermore supporting MU-MIMO to quickly communicate with multiple devices at the same time. Examples include Google Wifi and BT Whole Whole Wi-Fi.

For a single room, WiFi powerline network adaptors are a better option.