cPanel Hosting Email

cPanel is a control panel, which is feasible on Linux-based hosting accounts and servers. It lets you easily manage various aspects of your accounts, including the files, applications, and email hosted on your account or server.
The cPanel interface consists of various bars, some of the major bars are as following:
1. Navigation bar
Every interface in a cPanel exhibits the navigation bar. The navigation bar provides the currently-active account information, controls that allow you to change settings, and a link to log out from your account.
2. Sidebar
Every interface in cPanel displays the sidebar. All sidebar provides access to the following features:
• Click the Home icon ( ) to return to the cPanel Home interface. This section gives access to all of the cPanel's features. If you are a reseller, you can personalize the content to suit your needs.
• Click the User Manager icon ( ) to navigate to cPanel's User Manager interface (Home >> Preferences >> User Manager).
3.General Information
The General Information section displays the following information about your cPanel account:
• Current User — The name of the current cPanel account. If your account can access multiple cPanel accounts and hosting provider enables the Theme Switching feature in WHM's Feature Manager interface (Home > Package > Feature Manager), you can use the menu to search for and switch between accounts.
• Primary Domain — The current account primary or main domain name.
• Home Directory — The absolute path to the account home directory on the server.
• Last Login — The IP address of the user that most recently logged into the account.
4. Features
The cPanel interface lists of all of your account's available features in groups for different types of functionality documentation. To search for a desired feature you can use the Find functions.
5. Statistics
The Statistics section displays important usage statistics for your cPanel account.
• If your account meets or exceeds 60 percent of an item's quotas, that usage statistic will display an icon in yellow.
• If your hosting provider has added integration links to your server, a plus icon will display. Click this icon to increase the quotas for this statistics in your hosting plan.
• If your hosting provider has not combined integration links, a wrench icon will display. After clicking this icon, you can access the relevant cPanel interface in order to reduce your quota usage. For example, if your Email Account statistics is high & you wish to access cPanel's email account interface (Home > Email > Email Accounts) in order to remove unused email accounts, then you can do it easily.
• If your account meets or exceeds 80 percent of an item's quota, that usage statistic will display in red.

Configuring Mail Clients with cPanel Email

After adding email accounts, you can use cPanel tools to configure your email client to access the account.
To configure your cPanel Email Address with Mail Clients you need to follow following steps:
1. Go to, where is your domain name.
2. Login to your email address.
3. Click Configure Mail Client.
4. Next to the mail client you want to use, click the link in the Protocol column.
5. Follow any instructions or run any files that download to complete the configuration.
If the mail clients or devices you want to use is not listed, you can use the Manual Settings listed toward the bottom of the page.