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Facebook’s cross-platform open-source mobile framework React Native

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React Native

Mobile Development Importance

The mobile usage is increasing dramatically, that most of the big companies are making a massive investment in mobile development.

Walmart, Grigoryan explained that 60% of its grocery orders come through mobile devices using Walmart's grocery app.

About React Native

Use of Native Block Components rather than web components

Using Facebook created mobile US framework Reach, and JavaScript developers create native Android and iOS mobile apps. The Reach Native benefits developers with the ability to reuse code alongside native platform code over-the-air updates rather than through the App Store or Google Play. Hence offering shorter development and compile times and app creation with much simplicity.


The Reach Native installation depends on the development platform. For Windows the node.js, Watchman, Android Studio and React Native command line tools required. The node.js and Python2 can be installed using windows favorite package manager Chocolatey.


Divergence Challenge

The divergence between iOS and Android apps causes problems with native mobile applications. The platforms differ in core functionality like authentication, analytics data, and business orchestration logic create challenges. Therefore the cross-platform feature of React Native attracts developers to rewrite specific app components.

The Walmart Labs still faces a few problems, so they created a platform team to help React Native, which resulted in the creation of a framework called Electrode Native. It makes the code scalable, reusable and extensible.

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