Here this article brings you some major differences between unmanaged hosting and managed to host. Hope these differences helps you to understand which hosting is a right choice for your business. But before this, let’s see a concept of unmanaged hosting and managed hosting.

Unmanaged Hosting

As the name suggests, this kind of hosting is not managed by others for you. From start to end, everything needs to take care of you. Here, a web hosting provider rents you a server and entire responsibility of handling of server and keep your site up, falls on you, whether you have the technical expertise or not.

Managed Hosting

It is simply reverse of above. Here, a provider takes the complete responsibility of managing your server. Their team of professionals monitored your server for 24 *7 and 365 days to keep your site up and perform well. Their customer support is readily available to support you any time of the day.

Now here presents some basic differences which assist you to make right choice for your business.

1. Security

Managed hosting handle issues related to security well. Providers offers tools by which viruses are scan, spams are filter, security audits run, software firewalls are configured and OS updates offered and in unmanaged hosting, you have to take care of all this.

2. Backups

In managed hosting, providers offers proper back up of data, as this is detrimental for you but in unmanaged hosting, all depends on you.

3. Monitoring of Server

In managed hosting, System admin monitor your servers for 24*7 to make network available for your clients all the time but in unmanaged hosting, you need some technical expertise to handle this, as a common man don’t understand servers and their handling session.

4. Storage and Database management

In managed hosting, system admin manage storage needs of your site so that space is properly utilised and scaled thereby saving some money, and database admin design database as per your need and manage the same. But on the other hand, in unmanaged, you need to manage both on your own basis or hire these professionals.

5. Time is precious

As time is very precious for small as well as for large business owners, so if they spend the same to focus on strategies and ways for growing their business, their time will be better utilized. And instead of this, if they spend their time on looking and handling servers for all day, they will be in a big trouble. So, it’s better if we used services of managed hosting, as this part will be handled by their professionals in a proper manner and saves us time.

6. Cost-Effective

Managed hosting is more expensive then unmanaged hosting. As its services include many things, so obviously, it will be more costly to you but if you cannot afford, then opt for fully managed hosting solution. Providers offer various plans in managed hosting, so before selecting the one, go through their features, support, price and other relevant factors, surely you choose the right plan.

7. Meets your specific business needs

In Managed hosting plan, experts offers you solutions by which your specific business needs can be meet in the best possible way and in your budget too. But unfortunately, in unmanaged hosting, no experts are available, its only you.


I hope you understand the differences between these two kinds of hosting. It is clearly defined, managed hosting is better in almost each and every way than unmanaged hosting. So, now surely you can make the right choice for your business.