A customer facing an issue or having a query, want somebody from company to listen and understand. A customer is a human being and has all various thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, intelligence and eagerness to get the issue resolved. In a hosting business, most of the clients are from different countries, and during telephonic communication, their voice, repetition of words and pitch represents the problem intensity, emotions, irritation, dislike, and anger. And, on that, if communication lines are not perfect, how much frustration, that client may imbibe is unmeasurable.

Furthermore, the client may decide to change the company, where communication channels are perfect.
Although the problem is not with the hosting company, a customer telephone line may not be perfect, but as the customer is a human being, and when an issue arises he/she wants immediate resolution. Till, the company knows about the problem, in hosting industry, most of the clients make up their mind to move.

Hence, if a company has to sustain and survive, it needs to provide any numbers of ways to reach. On the telephone, an immediate response expected, so a company needs to make all other support systems equivalent responsive.
In Hosting business, observed that 90% of the resolution of the problems takes less than 5 minutes. But, when a customer wants to get support, the delay increases its pain and agony. The sincere hosting business always keeps their support systems manned, to at least get communication started. A customer speaks and express its needs, wants and desire and its emergency. Most companies set up their priority list to provide maximum customer satisfaction and happiness.

A timely resolution of an issue, fulfillment of needs are critical for business survival.