E-commerce web hosting is a very important part of any web hosting company in this day and age as more and more people are turning to E-commerce businesses and running online stores as opposed to physical stores. Thus a cheap E-commerce hosting provider is any web host that offers low cost and affordable E-commerce features such as online shops and E-commerce shopping carts. Acceptance of payments systems such as Pay pal along with many other E-commerce hosting features. Seeing that E-commerce has shown continued growth over the years with a constant expansion that is in line with technological advancements in the world, web hosting companies have come up with E-commerce solutions to cater for the E-commerce Hosting needs of their clients, which are in line with operating their businesses.

For a company to offer the best E-commerce hosting services to their clients, the satisfaction of their clients is based on two main factors: customer service and reliability of the web host. With the clients being happy and satisfied, along with reliability in the hosting services offered and affordability of their hosting packages, any hosting company is sure to be a good web host. The above web hosts are similar in features such as unlimited network uptime statistics which stand at 99.95 along with technical and customer care teams that can be reached throughout the day and night, 24/7/365 to cater for the vast needs of their clients a money back guarantee also keeps the company clients at ease as they are sure to get a refund if the web hosts offer unsatisfactory hosting services at any point.

For customers who run online stores and are looking for a web host that offers E-commerce hosting services, Ecommerce Web Hosting Solutions are a must, thus the need to look for the best cheap E-commerce hosting provider. The Best Ecommerce Hosting Provider should be able to offer E-commerce tools such as Agora Cart, Magento, Lite Commerce, Shop Site, Cube cart, Zen cart, OS commerce, Lite Commerce, Ubercart, X-Cart. On top of that, being verified by payment companies like Pay pal and being able to accept credit cards are a few of the other features that the best E-commerce hosting providers should have. All the web hosts that have been mentioned earlier are all cheap E-commerce hosting providers and offer clients reliability and customer service which are crucial in E-commerce Hosting services. On top that, all these companies either accept credit cards or have been verified by international money transfer companies such as Paypal and also offer their clients uninterrupted network up time of up to 99.9% along with great customer care and technical support that can be accessed throughout, 24/7 along with a money back guarantee which helps keep clients at ease. A good E-commerce web hosting provider must moreover be able to offer great bandwidth, e-mail accounts and even a user-friendly interface to top it all up. These are the features that form a strong base for a good E-commerce web hosting provider in the industry.

If you are looking for e-commerce applications hosting then study the market and make a selection. A proliferation of online marketing is getting huge day by day. E-commerce hosting differs from other web hosting services as it requires more feature to maintain an e-portal website. E-commerce hosting includes:-

  • SSL
  • Shopping cart software
  • Payment processing services
  • Database support
  • Additional e-commerce software
  • Security initiatives

A customer always prefers expensive e-commerce hosting, as per their perspective they think expensive e-commerce hosting would comprise best features. Customers have to check for their requirements before subscribing to expensive hosting. SiteGeek shows list of top five companies which are providing cheap e-commerce hosting.