Web Hosting companies are becoming one-stop shops, and all your online needs get fulfilled by single web hosting company. About a decade ago, there were separate companies for domain registration and web hosting, but with time, the structure and selling products and services of these companies have changed.
Layman: I purchase the domain name, now I'm online.
Techie: Now you need to purchase web hosting
Layman: I'm confused
Techie: A domain is an actual address of where your site lives. Web hosting is where the data of your site lives.
The first thing you need to do when launching a website is to find a company provides domain name hosting registration. The second thing you need to find is a company that will host your site.
Fortunately, there are many web hosting companies out there today who provide both.
How do Domain Names work with your Web Hosting Service?
When the user requests a connection to your domain, the Domain Name System ‘communicates’ with the corresponding registry for the requested domain; the registry then responds by informing which name servers (address of your web hosting registration) the domain registered. The request then goes to your web hosting company to obtain the actual IP address of your website. It’s imperative that your web hosting registration is completed accurately to guide visitors to your site.
What is a domain name hosting registrar?
A domain name registrar is a party that provides domain registration services to the public. The same affordable web hosting company that you have chosen to house your site. A domain name registrar accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).
It is impossible for an end-user to register a domain name directly to ICANN. So, check to see if your web hosting company is accredited, especially if you choose a cheap hosting package.

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