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Can You Manage Your Own Dedicated Server?

I applaud your nerve if you want to manage your dedicated server. It's not an easy task, but it's one that many can handle if you know a thing or two about managing a server. Know nothing about this topic? I'd suggest hiring a competent management team and going about your business.

For those that have some idea, though, and are willing to take the jump, here's what you need to (carefully) consider.

Some Basic Lingo

Remote power management/control: as the name suggests, this is a way to control your dedicated server remotely. Think of a remote control that you may use for your TV or another device. Having remote management control means being able to turn a system off, on, or reset it (sometimes, this can be vital).

Rescue mode: want to venture a guess what this means? Sometimes, your server will be in trouble. When that happens, you have to have a backup plan that allows you to fix regular issues through remote control. If you don't have a rescue mode option, you're looking at a hard and long process when it comes to fixing regular issues.

Out-of-Band management: if your network no longer functions, you need a way to get into your server. It is where out-of-band management comes into play.

These three terms matter the most, and they are words that you will want to become very familiar with if you plan to manage your server. What else do you need to know? Oh, nearly everything that you can learn about server management. Is it possible to learn? Absolutely. But, it will take some time, and you should consider whether or not you have that time.

Your Time Is Valuable

Choosing a dedicated server option is not the cheapest route to take. In some cases, it may seem like a good idea to go with a dedicated server and then manage that server to save some cash. But, this isn't going to pan out in the long run. Why?  You'll spend countless hours trying to figure out how to manage and run that server.

If you already have some of this knowledge, making the leap might not be so hard. If you need to start from scratch, it is, indeed, possible, but it will take some time to learn it all. For now, begin with letting someone else (with experience) run the show. In the future, you can catch up and take over. Or, just hire a competent manager from the start.

Need some help with managing a dedicated server or understanding what you need to do to make sure it all runs smoothly? Let us know what your questions are, what you are considering, and what you need help with. You'll also find that plenty of our reviews include management options too.

Thinking of managing your dedicated server? Think about it long and hard before you make the leap!

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