About SA-MP

SA-MP stands for San Andreas Multiplayer. It is a modification for Grand Theft Auto. San Andreas has turned it into a multiplayer game. You can play it over the internet or LAN also with up to 500 other people, which is fantastic. For this purpose, you need the original Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC game to play San Andreas Multiplayer.

SA-MP has almost all the features which we get in single player GTA. SA-MP also has the ability to create personalized scripted game modes. There are lots of game modes which features a series of different and funny things. It offers lots of features that are not possible in single player.

System Requirements

SA-MP can run on any computer that can run San Andreas single player. Moreover, it gives better performance in most cases. However, SA-MP Supports up to 500 slots. So, if you are playing on larger servers, then the speed of the game may run slower at times if you have a lower spec.

SA-MP specific

In addition to the standard Single Player requirements, SA-MP needs the following: 5.6MB free Hard Drive space, An Internet Connection (512k+ Broadband is highly recommended for smooth online play), A copy of GTA San Andreas for PC – V1.0 [NOT V1.01, V2.0, V3.0] SA-MP tutorial is also available, which offers the facility of – downloading, installing and SA-MP, creating your own server, getting your server online, advertising your server and many more.

Obtaining the Files

Very first step to set up your SA-MP server to download the Windows Server files from SA-MP downloads page. There you will able to find the current version of the Windows Server files. Under the Windows Server header, you need to click one of the download links to begin downloading. After that, you need to make sure to put the file somewhere, where you can easily remember it.

Configuring your Server

Once the files are downloaded, you need to extract (using program that can extract .rar files) the files. There is no need to put them in a certain folder. After that, you can proceed to edit your server.cfg file.

You will find server.cfg in the root folder for your server files. You need to open it in Notepad or another text editor. This file will appear to you in readable English language. This file is for the configuration of your server. Here you need to specify if LAN mode is on or off, host name, game modes, the max players, the server port, filter scripts*, web URL and your rcon password.

Executing the Server

Once you have configured your server you can run it. To run it you just need to simply click samp-server.exe, and your server will be running.


It offers you the facility of connecting your server to a local area network.

Keeping the Server Online

In the SA-MP Server It has limited anti-crash options available, with a large possibility of receiving Segmentation Faults or any other error which is generated by your (Pawn) game mode. In this situation it will shutdown the server, and you have to start up yourself again.

Free SA-MP Server Hosting Site

Free SA-MP servers offer various features, such as: FTP, Cpanel, Non-mysql game modes, Any Version [0.3c, 0.3d etc], Linux operating system, 24/7 uptime, Skype support and many more. There are lots of reputed companies and websites which offers SA-MP server hosting service for free.