linux-hostingLINUX hosting refers to the hosting services and system architectures provided on LINUX platform to open source companies.

  • Hosting means a service offered by the firm to allocate some disk space to physically place all website related information on a server to enduringly stay on the internet.
  • It is an operating system which has the capability of providing a user-website with security which cannot penetrate by any means.
  • It is entirely compatible with the programming languages, PHP. It provides reliability and has straightforward usage, with quicker problem-solving capabilities.
  • It has an added benefit of being free of cost.

With minute charges or no fee at all an individual can even acquire additional software like Apache, Firewall, and Bind. Along with these benefits of incomparable security offered than Window hosting. An individual with sound knowledge and who can play with LINUX commands will prefer to go with It over Windows.

Many companies with large scale business are choosing LINUX hosting platform for its quick actions when compared to others and also its security. The only negative aspect of this platform is the service provider provides permissions for user account access through either Telnet or SSH.It can be an option to any person using PHP scripts on their websites or even for websites with most basic HTML language. Also, this being an open source gives the public access to the source -code along with tools and applications, advance written for an established group of people.

The most important aspects to be kept in mind which selecting LINUX web hosting services and which have an enormous impact on by LINUX operating system are -Performance, Price, Stability, Features.

Due to the benefits particularly in these four areas, Linux web hosting is the mostly opted by many users around the world. Linux web hosting developed in such a way that an individual with medium skills at command will not be capable of using it or managing this operating system for daily purposes. Since designed for server purposes, unlike Windows web hosting which allows even a person with less interest in computers to comfortably work on their operating systems.

Though both web hosting services use similar hardware LINUX takes away the name of being better at server performance.For windows web hosting services to reach the mark set by LINUX, they need to use more RAM in spite of which it will be left out due to the ability of LINUX to virtually tune everything.

Advantages of LINUX hosting are:

  • Affordability -One of the most commonly touted benefits of UNIX is its cost effectiveness. Though it is not an open source operating system like many of its derivatives.
  • It is fully compatible with a variety of open source technologies, which in turn usually makes it a very affordable option for hosting.
  • Secure by Default -LINUX boasts great security right out of the box. While no system is 100% foolproof, this platform has a long history of being incredibly resistant to security threats that plague other systems, particularly Microsoft Windows.
  • Stability and Reliability -The stability and overall reliability of operating systems, in general, have improved throughout the years, but UNIX is still considered the head of the class in this regard. Plenty of processing power and a well-designed architecture has made this system one of the most dependable hosting platforms around.

LINUX remains a widely used platform and a popular option for web hosting.