Businesses having a complex website or application structure need more efficient processing transaction of data owing to digital proliferation. It requires a server which is reliable and secure. Today most of the businesses want to make their name known in a web. So they tend to incorporate e-commerce activities to follow more intuitive consumers.E-commerce industry is projecting to cross $1.35 trillion sales by 2018. The industry is rapidly evolving in terms of technology. So it is essential for businesses to provide consumers the safe and secure infrastructure for accomplishing e-commerce transaction. For running with rapid growth, proper optimization of a database is needed to give prompt access to the back-end. If we talk about data centers, Intel Xeon D is dominating current hardware technologies. There are many scalable, easily usable, secure storage solutions used like MySql, MsSql, Oracle, PostgreSQL. There are many criteria like price, bandwidth, disk-space etc while choosing a database.

If we take a look at MsSql database solution, it is well suited for e-commerce solutions that need huge database storage solutions. It comes with additional features like compatibility, transaction control, and error handling. It uses the effective filtering that reduces the traffic enabling the efficacious use of an application. On other hands, Oracle has announced open source ACID- compliant database MySql cluster 7.4 designed for real-time performance which renders higher performance to application requirements.

  • It provides 50% better performance for read-only database transaction and 40% for read-write transactions.
  • Complex analytics and ad-hoc search workloads can be managed on MySql cluster 7.4 utilizing same memory space optimized table providing extreme concurrency with OLTP workloads.
  • The new release is proving update-anywhere replication between distant clusters without any compromise of consistency. Moreover, it is providing additional performance tuning option and 5 times faster roll out of software upgrade.

Oracle has also introduced newer virtual service networks that allow a customer to deploy security, routing on-demand and load balancing in a single virtual instance. It dynamically connects any VM to any resources delivering up to 80 Gb per sec server to server bandwidth which speeds up the performance.

Some hosting provider is announcing Managed SQL service to enhance their database services which are satisfying the need of large SQL database hosting, multi-tenant Saas Application which in turn needs custom configuration. These managed hosting plans involve Security patches, server maintenance and updates.

Behind the scenes, Web hosting companies are somehow accountable for faster loading, minimum downtimes, additional security, and SSL certificates. Website’s failure and success ultimately depend on the potential hosting platform hosting companies provide. Consequently, Companies providing web hosting comparisons are of surmounting values to the customer who provides real user reviews, up-time data analytics, transparent and impartial real-time statistics.