The full form of cPanel is Control Panel. It is a way to allow the website owners to maintain and keep their websites updated. This website based cPanel was developed by Darkorbc communications Inc. and it was basically made for the consumer to conveniently control every aspect of their activity on the concerned website. CPanel type of control panel is very suitable for the beginners. It offers easy-to-use, powerful tools that perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably.
The cPanel interface is intuitive and includes video tutorials and on-screen helps. This allows hosting customers to manage their own accounts without needing to contact your support staff for assistance. Usually, CPanel comes with any of the following script installers for an additional fee: Installatron, Fantastico, Softaculous and WHMSonic. These script installers automatically conduct the installation and the updates in web applications such as WordPress, SMF, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, WHMCS and ZamFoo. Among these script installers, the most popular is Fantastico.
Application-based support includes Apache, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Perl, and BIND (DNS). Email based support includes POP3, IMAP, SMTP services. CPanel is commonly accessed on port 2082, with an SSL-secured server operating on port 2083. Once installed, cPanel cannot be removed. The server must be formatted, and the operating system reinstalled. Similarly, it should only be installed on a freshly installed operating system with minimal prior configuration.
Security is must for any webmaster management application and CPanel delivers a complete packet that protects your content and bandwidth from abuse. It also provides Hotlink protection, IP deny and a SSL Manager.
CPanel offers great assistance in terms of saving time of people who are not experts in creating databases. The cPanel provides databases and database management from the main screen. People of all levels can use cPanel program. CPanel gives the website owner a feel of respect for the website as a whole. It is very easy to accomplish tasks of maintaining website. Hence, whenever you choose a web hosting provider, see that the company that is chosen is having cPanel as part of its package.