Web hosting is an activity in which web host store the data of the website of their clients on their server in order to make their website accessible across the web.

Web hosting acquires an important place in today’s world as online presence of the business is a necessity and is important too for its excellent growth and to conduct the same websites are required and to make them accessible across the web, web hosting is required.

Web hosting is the complicated thing which everyone faces while setting up a new online business but once it was done, you are not required to spend so much time in managing the same. The difficult part is to research each web host, compare their packages, prices, uptime offered, reliability, backup of data etc. and see which is the best one for your blog or business, website.

As there are large no. of web hosting companies in the market, so in order to select the best one following factors which are required to be considered by everyone so that he/ she can make the right decision are as follow;

  • Price- First thing which everyone considers before choosing a web host is the price. But remember cheap prices not always ensure the good plan, so first compare the features each web host provides and then move to their prices.
  • Reviews of the customers- This is very important as the current and existing customers know the real working of the company and the kind of services and support they offered. So, you can have a little bit idea as sometimes reviews are fake also.
  • Customer Support and Technical Support- In this world, everyone is not a tech savvy so tech words and terminology are like the jargons for a simple man to understand. And if you don’t understand anything theoretically then practically, obviously not. And this requires support, both customer and technical. So, ensure that your web host must offer 24 hrs customer services with excellent tech support as tech expertise are very much needed at every step.
  • Area of Expertise- Before you buy any plan of the company, first see their area of expertise, as the plan which is good for growing businesses may be not good for a small vendor blog. So, you must go with the web host which basically focus on your requirements as a client.
  • Features/ Add-Ons- Features like daily back up, free domain registration, multiple data centers and many more may be your requirement so you should search the one which offers all these features, as this is good for you.
  • Control Panel/ User Interface-Control panel offered by the provider to make updates or any modification should be user-friendly. Its interface should be very simple not a very complicated or puzzled one that no one can understand.
  • E-Mail features- Protection from spam, block emails and general e-mail practices all depends on the web host you choose.
  • Hardware- It is also important as it may affect the performance of server and so website.
  • Security- Safety and security are the two things which if not available on your website then all your visitors may leave your website. So, your web host must offer the plan which ensures high security to your site.
  • Money back guarantee- This is offered by only those providers who really offer reliable services to their clients.
  • Scalability- Web host and its package must match with your plans for the future so that after three years you don’t need to change your hosting provider.
  • Speed- Speed plays an important role in binding the users to any website. If website load within a second, visitors stick to it otherwise they will move away from it. So, make sure that your provider offers good speed for your website to run and load.

Now after going through all the points, this is clear that other points you will experience after web hosting only except the reviews of the customers, as there are various sites which helps you to read the reviews now; whoishostingthis.com is the most popular site meant for this and rest you may see on the respective company’s sites like Justhost.com, Sitegeek.com, Hostgator.com.

Now you have the sufficient information about web hosting companies, so visit the sites, compare their plans, features and prices. In the end, I just want to say choose the web host which has a good rating instead of the one which offers cheap prices.