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Switch to a Better Web Host

Here are the five easy steps you should follow to successfully move all your files to a better web host:

Step 1: Make Sure You Researched Well This Time

Maybe the reason you ended up with the wrong web host was because you rushed into things. Do not make the same mistake by doing a thorough background check on the hosting companies that you are trying to consider. Know their strengths and weaknesses and go with the one with the least defects. If you can find a web host that doesn't have one, strike a deal.

Step 2: Learn How To Back Up Files

Your new web host already stated and further confirmed to you that there will be no loss of data in the switching process. However, unexpected mishaps may still arise so it is always a wise move to burn a copy of all your files in a CD before you proceed with changing hosts. This will not just serve as a back-up, it will also act as a record of all your site activities and statistics in your previous host.

Step 3: Keep It As A Secret – From Your Old Host

Some hosts are evil. When you try to tell them that you are planning to replace them, they won't care about you anymore. Your files may even be deleted if they feel that they will not receive a new contract deal from you. This lack of professionalism is inherent to web hosts that are just in the business for the money, not sincere customer service. So, if you believe that your current host will do this to you, because they can, choose to be silent. Back-up your files and don't tell them why… yet.

Step 4: Say Goodbye and Set Things Up

If you are done backing up your files and you are all geared up to embrace the greener pasture, disclose your intention to leave your current host. Cancel your account. Once you're off the hook and all dues have been settled, set up your site on your new server. You will need to adjust your file settings. You will also need to open your DNS account to make necessary changes in the settings.


After putting all the files in its proper directories and changing your new system settings, don't forget to test everything. Test the links if they are working, your domain if it responds to its new IP address, and your emails if they are able to receive forwards.

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