1. Technical and customer support is not available with most web site hosting services that offer cheap or low costs. But there are some who are able to find a handful of affordable web hosts that do have 24-hour technical support. What you actually need to do is continue to find those types of web host providers.

2. Getting a cheap website hosting service can mean having to put up with streamers and advertisements that could be very irritating but unfortunately unavoidable. This could affect the efficiency of your product endorsements.

This could come as an inconvenience for those who are using the web site for business. What those ads do is lead your readers from focusing on your product and other promotions. This increases the risk of your readers to give more interest to products and promotions other than your own, therefore making your efforts futile. Web host providers mainly make their web site services affordable so that they can get more money

Low-cost web hosting services usually do not offer sufficient amounts of disk space and enough bandwidth. This means that they may be unable to support an existing website you might want to diversify. For instance, you might want to add larger files for more graphics, videos and audio files. These additions are just not possible with low disk space and could be a real hindrance.

Cheap web hosting usually cannot provide you with good internet connection speeds. First of all, people will become less inclined to visit your web site because of slow connection. It will be a great inconvenience on their part since a lot of time is lost just waiting for files to open or download. When your number of visitors start to decrease, you will certainly lose some money.

Some web sites which are being hosted by cheap web site host providers are usually prone to down time. A reflection on the kind of services which cheap web hosting plans are known about. But, then again, this does not apply to all; there are still some cheap web hosting out there that are mindful to their clients' needs and concerns. One should also see in a wider perspective that if your server frequently crashes down, there is a tendency to lose your clients.

Cheap web host providers are the ones that likely go bankrupt in the web hosting business. This will result to the shutting down of web sites – and this means, loss of business for your part. Moreover, transferring to another web host entails a lot of inconvenience for yourself as well as for your clients.

Security is always at risk among cheap web hosting services. Security support system is not that sophisticated and is quite loose which can result to easy hacking of your web site. The web host provider might not have back-up services; hence, you will have a hard time (or worst, not having at all) accessing the root menu.