Cloud hosting is the popular web host, uses server network. This cloud technology offer servers to spread globally. It provides better availability of resources and flexibility. Cloud technology optimized performance for business aligned sites and great suppleness. Large cloud hosting providers use a redundant network that includes International connectivity. Cloud hosting comes with significant features for both hosting companies and customers. It balances the load throughout the server network for better reliability.

Cloud Linux

Cloud Linux is a most well-liked operating system that taking control over full server resources and create limits accounts. Presently, cloud Linux platform is utilized by a lot of reliable web hosting providers. It is typical to choose a suitable package from a large number of options available on the internet.

Reasons to Choose Cloud Linux Hosting:

Cloud Linux is CentOS based OS system created for data center services and shared hosting. It professionally utilizes Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) to isolate customers on the same server and limits resources along with memory, number of processes, CPU and so on. With the help of cloud, Linux customers will get security, stability, and density.

Some Advantages of Cloud Linux:

It enables customers to get MySQL, CPU, memory, IO and other resources to run fast and hassle-free website.
It eliminates the risk of downtime and slow speed. Moreover, it increases server reliability also.
Cloud Linux comes with PHP versions such as v5.2, v5.3, v5.4, and v5.5, offers customers choices along with a number of PHP extensions.
It recovers server security by isolating tenants, reducing attacks against the server.
It combines with cPanel to improve security, resources management, and server performance.