Today web hosting is usually known to people, as many of them are using internet for business purpose & are having their own website. For doing this, they require a web hosting company to manage their website. While doing this, they would prefer a web hosting provider who is more secure than others to run their website. Inadequate security can result in a big loss of money or business. Therefore, it is essential to secure website either via web hosting provider or by oneself. Doing it on own for an individual is quite difficult & it is easy to do it through web hosting provider.

Need of Security

It is a must to secure web hosting. Today internet is a strong medium to deal with huge amount of money. Whether a customer needs to transfer money for doing payment, an individual wants to transfer money for business purpose or else for personal purpose, a company requires to transfer salaries of employees or else to some other company, there can be any reason, but it is a need to use an electronic medium.

  • One & the foremost reason are to secure money while transferring through web usage.
  • A second reason is as important as the first one is to secure sensitive data either of a company or else of person.
  • Other reasons are to secure personal information, debit or credit card information, etc. Whatever is the reason behind it but is essential to have legitimate web hosting security.

Methods to Secure Web Hosting

Most of the web hosting companies are aware of the fact that there is a requirement for security. What a person who is buying server rights from a web hosting provider needs to be sure that he has chosen the right one. For this, he should consider that a web hosting company must have following tools to save his website.


FTP or more ordinarily known as File Transfer Protocol drags a person's files to where he wants them to upload, and they will get published on his account. SFTP or secure file transfer protocol is the same concept, but it is more secure and provides an additional layer of protection. SFTP closes vulnerability which is in case of FTP. A person needs to be sure whether it is available or not.


SSL means Secure Sockets Layer is a must to have to deal with any website with security. Most of the reliable web hosting provider render SSL to its customer free of cost with other services. If he runs an eCommerce website then SSL certificate is an essential tool he must have. Whenever a person needs to accrue personal and sensitive data, then SSL certificate should never be ignored.


Another critical need is backups. It should be used regularly to protect a person's website in many cases. Most of the web hosting providers furnish a tool in their control panel that allows a person to back up his website. This should be done legitimately & is better if done by him. However, a web hosting provider which has a facility of a backup procedure is an advantage.


As discussed, a person should take care of many things before he goes for web hosting & many others which are not must to have but it is better to have them like maintaining server time to time.