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Creating Hosting Directory

Creating Hosting Directory

Ananova is creating a web hosting directory using the ‘directorist' plugin, where it is going to list the hosting plans of thousands of web hosting companies under various categories. The different hosting types include:

For a fast-moving hosting B2B subscription-based business, the Ananova directory will provide a dynamic and effective digital campaign generating intense interest. Ananova will share the directory listing on social media pages which include:

The structured hosting directory would encompass nearly all the hosting plans offered by providers. The Ananova is creating this to build awareness and interest in a brand's product or services and achieve specific lead-generation and sales goals. The customers can give their opinions, views, feedback, comments, and ratings on those listing. This campaign collecting the customer's feedback helps further research and generate reports for top web hosting providers. The movements run by Ananova are recursive, and the goals achieved by the deployment of such smaller campaigns contribute to the whole campaign.

After listing the hosting provider, a marketing team further disseminates social media and blogs to gain traffic and recognition. The data provided in the listing are checked regularly to ensure its validity. The data provided is specific and can be compared with the other hosting providers. It empowers individuals, web developers, and businesses to make educated buying decisions when researching web hosting solutions.

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