In Outlook Express

  1. Double-click Outlook Express.
  2. Click OK to accept the Outlook Express folder.
  3. The complete path should be
    C:WINNTProfilesAdministratorApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook Express.
  4. In Outlook Express, click Inbox.
  5. The Internet Connection Wizard appears.
  6. In Display name, type Instructor and click Next.
  7. In E-mail Address, type or and click Next.
  8. In Incoming Mail Server, enter your server name, for example, or
  9. In Outgoing Mail Server, enter or and click Next.
  10. In Internet Mail Logon, enter Administrator and leave a blank password, or enter your login credentials.
  11. In Friendly Name, enter an Internet Mail account, for or click Next.
  12. Click Next to accept the choice to Connect using my LAN.
  13. Click Finish.

In the MMC, on the Default SMTP Site

  1. Right-click the Default SMTP Site and click the Properties tab.
  2. From the Directory Security tab, click Edit in the Relay Restrictions area.
  3. In the Relay Restrictions dialog box, click Allowed to relay, then click OK.
  4. Click OK to close the Default SMTP Site Properties dialog box.

In Outlook Express

  1. Switch back to Outlook Express and click Compose Message.
  2. Send a message to, with a subject of not on my site with a short message.
  3. Click Send.

In Windows NT Explorer

  1. Open the Windows NT Explorer and browse to C:InetpubMailrootQueue.
  2. Double-click the file or files with the envelope icon next to it or them.
  3. The message you just sent will be opened.
  4. Close the message.