ZenCart is PHP and MySQL-based e-commerce shopping cart. To meet the real user actual requirement, the ZenCart development included the efforts of programmers, store owners, and their customers. The result is, you don't have to be technical to use this system and able to set up a pretty nice online shop. ZenCart is user-friendly, open-source software that is freely available on the web under GNU or General public license. It is developed by a community of like-minded programmers, shop owners, designers, and consultants who wanted to develop a simple and easy-to-maintain e-Commerce solution.

This is not only referring to how many products ZenCart be able to handle but also lets the store owner configure product coupon codes, gift cards, and product news. This is extremely helpful when you like to promote some specific products. ZenCart internal search is completely optimized to help a customer get their destination search results quickly. This is absolutely the most outstanding feature of ZenCart if your website is offering international business. ZenCart will automatically calculate the currency according to the exchange and tax rate you configured.

Anyone who sells a product or service online will appreciate the many valuable features of ZenCart. In particular, they will enjoy how easy this software is to install and setup. The installation program takes the user step by step through the installation process to ensure the software is set up correctly the first time. During the process, the user will also have the option to customize certain aspects of the installation, if desired. However, even users with no computer experience can complete the standard installation in a matter of minutes.

Although there are a host of incredible features offered through ZenCart, one feature users rave about is the pricing feature. In particular, users are impressed with the variety of options available through the pricing feature. For example, there are many options available for putting items on sale. Users can list one or more items on sale; alternately they can put entire sections or even the entire store on sale.