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Important facts about affordable ssl certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol) is a standard for transmitting confidential data such as credit card numbers over the Internet. Most true business sites support this feature which allows more security in data transmitted over the web. SSL uses a private key to encrypt data that is transferred over the SSL connection.

Now you can use an affordable SSL certificate to raise the security of the website while exchanging information between a web browser and web server. When you purchase an affordable SSL certificate you have to get it validated and there are only three methods in doing so.

SSL (secure socket layer) certificates are necessary when website owners want to do better for their Google search engine rankings. highlighted recent announcement of Google that it would emphasize on sites which are secured with SSL certificates which is a part of company’s drive for Safer Worldwide Web. SSL-secured sites will get higher ranking in Google search than unsecured websites. The website which is not protected via SSL certification has ‘Insecure’ status which will be seen by Google Chrome users.

SSL certificate is a kind of encrypted online data that is being sent or received during navigation of websites by Internet users. This data has some confidential information like telephone numbers and credit card details. A secure connection is created between the user’s computer and the server so that specific website is hosted to give relaxation to the customers. SSL certificate not only provides protection to the customer’s personal data but also establishes a great regard for the company. Price of SSL certificates has been reduced over the years. Many companies are using certificates costing at Rs.250 per year. Some hosting companies charge for the SSL certificates installation, installation at no charge is received by client hosting with Non-clients can purchase certificates from and current hosting companies install the certificates.

Organizational validation process

Information of a particular business is checked from various sources. This is carried out just verify the name of the business and who operates the business. This information is compared to the details that are provided during the registration of the company. another safety measure is taken to see that the details provided are same as on the business listings from the local sources. If the all of the details match the company is then issued an affordable SSL certificate. This will provide a platform for the general public to view information that will help them to find out about the identity of the particular business. As a user, you will see a logo that will say that the website is verified by SSL.

Domain validation process

This is considered one of the cheapest methods to verify an affordable SSL certificate. This process is carried out at a domain level. The process is initiated by sending an email to the account that is linked to the domain. Now by sending an email does not always imply that the person is the rightful owner of the business. A phone can also be placed to verify the whether the person is the owner of the business. When the certificate is issued using this method it means that there is high chance that this business is legal and has been verified properly. as a user, you will find a specific logo on your browser that will indicate this fact.

Extended Validation method

This method too has gained a lot of popularity over years when it comes to validating an affordable SSL certificate. As a user you will notice a green logo and the name of the business that will appear in the address bar or the browser, this simply means that the company has been verified and is safe to do business with.The owner of the business is contacted to make sure that all of the information supplied is real. After the process is done the business can expect to get an affordable SSL certificate within two weeks.

Some other additional information that may be needed

You can also use a self-signed certificate but this is not good as people will not do business with you as they will think that your company will cheat them. If you use this method a warning will be posted on your website telling people that they may proceed at their own risk.

Now there are many companies out there that carry out the verification process and issues a certificate but most of them charge a lot of money. So use the internet to look up names of companies that issue affordable SSL certificate without any problems.

The difference between temporary and permanent certificates

The only difference between temporary and permanent certificates is that temporary certificates are generated by your control panel, not trusted Certificate Authorities. Thus, when visitors enter your site, they will get the “unknown certification authority” warning window.

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